1. yeah the rumors might be true that this phone would be doubled the price when it arrives in the philippines, however there are great alternatives – Lg L9, huawei honor 2, huawei ascend G600, lenovo k680

  2. nexus 4. over other android smartphones, why? right now am having 
    the last nexus phone which is Galaxy nexus,
    Promise mauuna kayo lage sa update,

    about sa price? sa Google play store 300 8gb and 350 16gb
    BUT out sa Google store si  LG  nag taas ng Price 

    650 on the 8gb and 700 on the 16bg.

  3. Piolo John Rosales

    You will really have a hard time choosing between the Nexus 4 and 10. It was like the battle between a handset and a tablet. I’ll share some techno-gadget review sites to help you ease the tension on which is better.

  4. The specs rock! Pero it’s very bugging na LG ang gumawa. You know others’ perception of durability, the brand defines it. Parang nagiging ganun ako ngayon. Can I ask anybody, what do you prefer, s3 or Nexus 4? I wish S3 will soon have an update on its OS (4.2).

    • malayong mag kaupdate ang s3 sa 4.2 as in kase palabas na ang s4 so
      samsung will no longer priorities s3 and 4.1 jellybean wala pa until right
      now. unlike nexus device mabilis mga 2 weeks lang nasa news ayan na update na. 

  5. Wreek888

    Nagpapabagal lang kasi yang expandable memory kaya ang apple, google, at lumia hindi naglalagay niyan kaya super fast ang kanilang phone.

  6. lekimikel

    @Edsar Bondoc +1 tama k tlga mgiging overpriced yan pag kinuha ng mga carriers d2 satin… sana inde mngyari yan pra me choice ang lhat… :`(

  7. Jomar Romero

    hi guys, nahihirapan ako mag source ng nexus devices dito satin sa manila. any suggestions on where i can buy this? thanks!

  8. kahit pa gawing 450$ dito sa pinas yan, di parin siya lalagpas ng 20k mark, still very affordable, i’ll be getting mine as an early Christmas gift, i am so glad i didn’t get the s3 or the iphone 5, this device is worth the wait!:) expandable memory is not a problem for me kasi may cloud service naman where you can store your media contents.:) 

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