1. I got i2 last December. I am a bit disappointed because new model i3 which has a higher specs came out now in the market, i wish had my patience and waited for this new model. Nevertherless, my i2 work well and I havent encountered problem so far.

  2. DaveBersaminFlores

    got mine 2 days ago. worth it ang 4k para sakin. for me, this the best mt6672 chipset here in the ph. best alternative for life, 401d, amber, gem. angas pa ng design

  3. jomodern

    I have a kata fishtab3, as they claimed, that the memory is expandable but i can only install up to 5bg of apps and games and i cannot install them to my inserted microSD. it’s the same with their other tablets.. probably the same with their phones.. the after sales support is VERY poor… better to stay away from Kata products…

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