1. Ton

    Is there anyone who still uses the marshmallow version? any issues? im trying to avoid getting issues by not updating to nougat. Is having the marshmallow version will take me away from issues?

  2. JN

    Here’s my experience, 2 months use walang issue..

    5th month, i had my first issue, nawala yung 4G its not working. No mobile data connection for 2 months. what’s the use of a smartphone that doesn’t have no data connection. Kept it at home… I had to use other phone if I’m going out.

    I reported to ASUS who is also adding more burden by adding more time to waste. I think the only support they have is ZENTALK?

    Buti pa yung mga users or other technical na users ng ASUS they are giving better solutions to the issues.

    Then after 2 months na fix yung 4G… suddenly via an update ata yun… then yung Home, Back and Multitask window buttons hindi gumagana.. So i have to use the one hand operation ng phone para magamit ko. It’s wasting my time. 2 months ulit siguro hintayin ko..

    Best thing to do with this Phone, ditch it.


    Bili ka pa? Good Luck!

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