2012 Volkswagen Beetle Drops the Girly Look, Now a Man’s Car

Have you wanted a Volkswagen Beetle but found the current model too girly for your taste?  Worry no more as Volkswagen injected lots of testosterone into the 2012 Beetle.  Yes sir, the Volkswagen Beetle has finally manned up. Volkswagen has just unveiled the 2012 Beetle and what the public saw was not a girly-looking vehicle … [Read more…]

Intel Supports Android, Will Make Chips for Honeycomb Tablets

  Why is it that almost all smartphones run on processors built on the ARM architecture and nothing from Intel? While Intel was busy working on computers, ARM has been lording over mobile devices.  The inevitable growth of the smartphone business has forced Intel to try its hands in creating mobile chips, and it has chosen the Android … [Read more…]

Toshiba Outs the Protege R830 Notebook

Toshiba recently outed the Portégé R830, an ultra-thin and lightweight notebook that promises a good blend of performance and durability.   Toshiba claims that the Portégé R830 is the world’s lightest 13.3-inch full-performance ultra-portable laptop featuring an integrated DVD drive. The notebook offers protection through a design that is claimed to effectively absorb shock.  The Portégé R830 … [Read more…]

SMART Introduces LTE Broadband, Promises 50mbps Speed

Smart Communications recently introduced Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband technology, touted as the fastest in the world today.  This technology is also popularly referred to as 4G, or the fourth-generation mobile phone technology. According to Smart, it’s current LTE is currently delivering download and upload speeds of up to 50 mbps and will be … [Read more…]

Apple Sues Samsung Over Phone and Tablet Designs

  Apple has reportedly brought Samsung Electronics to court claiming the Korean company copied the iPhone and the iPad.  Apple is alleging the Galaxy line of phones and tablets infringe on the company’s patents and trademarks. The suit was filed in a U.S. District Court in Northern California, alleges intellectual property rights violations ranging from … [Read more…]

HTC Sensation Superphone Now Official

  HTC just gave us another reason to go Android. The Taiwanese company has recently announced the HTC Sensation, a 4.3-inch handset which features a 1.2 Ghz dual core CPU.  Dubbed by HTC as a “multimedia superphone”, the device features a contoured qHD glass display similar to the Google Nexus S, something to protect the device … [Read more…]

iPhone 4 Review

  In spite of the good things I have heard about the iPhone 4, I was not easily drawn to it.  I blame it on the experience I had with the first generation iPhone.  Issues with connectivity, forced restarts and missing text messages made me think that the iPhone was over rated and I would … [Read more…]

Angry Birds Wins Best Game at Appy Awards, Facebook is Best Time Waster

This year’s Appy Awards organized by Carphone Warehouse recognized the best mobile apps in ten categories. About 30,000 voters selected the best apps from 50 nominees. The big winner on the Appy Awards is Angry Birds which bagged the Best Game App and the Best App of the Year awards.   Not too shabby Angry … [Read more…]

Filipino Kenneth Cobonpue Designs Bamboo Car

    Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue recently came up with a concept car called the Phoenix Roadster.  Albrecht Birkner, another designer, helped Cobonpue build the car. The Phoenix Roadster is a biodegradable car made up of bamboo, steel, rattan, and nylon.  Cobonpue was quoted saying that the project “attempts to unveil the future of green vehicles using woven … [Read more…]

Apple Announces Availability of White iPhone 4

Have you been patiently waiting for the release of the white iPhone 4?  There’s good news. Apple has finally confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will be in production soon.   According to the Cupertino company, the white iPhone will be released in the spring. We saw a white iPhone 4 in the hands of … [Read more…]

Android Loads Web Pages 52% Faster Than iPhone

If you are torn between an Android phone and an iPhone, you might want to take into account the results of a recent study comparing their browsing speeds. A study conducted by Blaze Software revealed that Android loads web pages 52% faster than iPhone.  Blaze Software arrived at this result using a Google Nexus S … [Read more…]

BayanTel Offers Plan 899 With 3Mbps Capped at 15GB

  Following the recent capped offering of Sky Broadband, Bayan Telecommunications (BayanTel) is now offering a 3Mbps internet speed package for a monthly subscription fee of Php899. The speed is 2Mbps slower than the offering of Sky Broadband but the cap limit is the same at 15GB.  For the difference in speed, you get the Bayantel … [Read more…]