Angry Birds Wins Best Game at Appy Awards, Facebook is Best Time Waster

This year’s Appy Awards organized by Carphone Warehouse recognized the best mobile apps in ten categories. About 30,000 voters selected the best apps from 50 nominees. The big winner on the Appy Awards is Angry Birds which bagged the Best Game App and the Best App of the Year awards.   Not too shabby Angry … [Read more…]

Filipino Kenneth Cobonpue Designs Bamboo Car

    Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue recently came up with a concept car called the Phoenix Roadster.  Albrecht Birkner, another designer, helped Cobonpue build the car. The Phoenix Roadster is a biodegradable car made up of bamboo, steel, rattan, and nylon.  Cobonpue was quoted saying that the project “attempts to unveil the future of green vehicles using woven … [Read more…]

Apple Announces Availability of White iPhone 4

Have you been patiently waiting for the release of the white iPhone 4?  There’s good news. Apple has finally confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will be in production soon.   According to the Cupertino company, the white iPhone will be released in the spring. We saw a white iPhone 4 in the hands of … [Read more…]

Android Loads Web Pages 52% Faster Than iPhone

If you are torn between an Android phone and an iPhone, you might want to take into account the results of a recent study comparing their browsing speeds. A study conducted by Blaze Software revealed that Android loads web pages 52% faster than iPhone.  Blaze Software arrived at this result using a Google Nexus S … [Read more…]

BayanTel Offers Plan 899 With 3Mbps Capped at 15GB

  Following the recent capped offering of Sky Broadband, Bayan Telecommunications (BayanTel) is now offering a 3Mbps internet speed package for a monthly subscription fee of Php899. The speed is 2Mbps slower than the offering of Sky Broadband but the cap limit is the same at 15GB.  For the difference in speed, you get the Bayantel … [Read more…]

Globe Telecom Opposed to Smart’s Acquisition of Sun Cellular

It has been recently reported that local telecommunications firm Globe Telecom urged government and concerned agencies to study the share-swap deal between Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), owner of Smart Telecom, and Digital Telecommunications Philippines Inc. (Digitel), owner of Sun Cellular. PLDT acquired Digitel for P69.2 billion, raising concerns of monopolization since there are … [Read more…]

Meet the E6, the Other New Symbian Anna Handset from Nokia

Along with the announcement of the Nokia X7, the Finnish company recently introduced the Nokia E6 handset.  Similar to the Nokia X7, the Nokia E6 will carry the much improved Symbian “Anna” operating system.  This update to Symbian^3 reportedly offers usability enhancements including new icons, improved text input, a faster internet browsing experience and a … [Read more…]

Nokia Announces the X7 Handset

Nokia has officially announced the availability of the Nokia X7 in the UK. The Nokia X7 handset will run an updated Symbian^3 “Anna” OS which is expected to showcase several enhancements, among which is an improved browsing performance.  The Nokia X7 features an 8 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, a 4-inch OLED ClearBlack display, and a … [Read more…]

Torque Dual-SIM Android Phones on Sale!

  Torque is a budding local mobile phone brand that offers very affordable handsets.  It is quite similar to Cherry Mobile and MyPhone which both offer super-cheap mobile phones. Torque claims to have the first dual-SIM Android phones in the market. Considering that I am currently not aware of any other Android phone with dual-SIM … [Read more…]

HTC Set to Release the HTC Wildfire S Android Handset

  HTC is set to release the HTC Wildfire S handset in the Philippines.  Availability of this budget Android handset is expected to coincide with the release of the HTC Desire S. The HTC Wildfire S is an upgrade to the HTC Wildfire which made a name for itself in the budget Android phone category.  … [Read more…]

Android Phones to Watch Out For in 2011

  Google Android has grown exponentially in the past couple of years.  Gartner Research recently predicted that by the end of 2011, Google Android will become the most popular smartphone operating system worldwide and will account for 49 percent of the smartphone market by 2012. It is therefore interesting to see which Android phones will be … [Read more…]

HTC Desire vs HTC Desire S, Should You Upgrade?

HTC Desire S will hit Phillippine shores this Monday, April 11, 2011 as reported, and is expected to retail at Php25,990.  This is a very attractive price considering that the original HTC Desire retailed north of Php30,000 at the time of its release. The HTC Desire S is an upgrade of the HTC Desire. The HTC Desire was released … [Read more…]