Ted Failon Mispronounces Miley’s Name, Becomes Hot Topic on Twitter


ABS-CBN newscaster Ted Failon suddenly became a hot topic on Twitter after he mispronounced the name of popular singer Miley Cyrus who’s in the country for a concert.  If you check Twitter today, Ted Failon is trending and it seems he’ll continue to be a trending topic for a few more hours.

And if you search Ted Failon’s name, the tweets that come up all pertain to the way he pronounced Miley as “MAY-LEE”.   This shows that Ted Failon has not heard of Miley Cyrus and is not into pop music.  Check out the video below courtesy of Media Newser Philippines.

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  1. Probably ted become trending because some Miley Cyrus fan heard about it tweet it or post it on facebook wall then suddenly every Maylee cyrus fan search for its replay.

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