Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB 200M Review

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There are people who will never be comfortable using wireless headsets on phones.  To them, getting the phone out and holding it to make or receive phone calls is still easier.   But for the very mobile individuals who can’t afford to miss a single call or who simply need to make calls, wireless headsets are a must.  Personally, I prefer using a wireless headset when I’m driving.  It’s still safe to have both your hands on the steering wheel instead of using the other to hold your phone.

I recently had the chance to use the Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB 200M, a Bluetooth headset that offers a variety of personalization options and a number of useful features.  Read on to find out how the device fared in my hands-on review.


Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB 200M Specifications 

  • Up to 5.5 hours talk time
  • Up to 150 hours standby time
  • Rechargeable battery with charging options from AC power supply or PC via USB cable
  • Weight: 7.5 grams
  • Operating range: up to 10 meters (33 feet)
  • Bluetooth version 2.1
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 or higher
  • Battery type: rechargeable Lithium-Polymer 55mAh
  • Dimensions: 42mm x 16mm x 12mm

What’s in the Box 

  • Mini headset
  • Magnetic clip
  • Necklace
  • 3 ear bud sizes
  • In-Ear Bud
  • Flexible ear hook
  • USB charging cable
  • USB AC Charger
  • User Manual


The Hisense HB 200M headset comes in a variety of color options.  I chose black and silver since it complements my iPhone.  From a design perspective, the Hisense Mini HB 200M headset is just perfect for my taste.

Being a mini headset, it sis small and light.  The headset itself looks stylish and carries a premium finish.  On the side you see the surface divided into two colors, with one half in black and the other in metallic silver.  The slim multi-function button is conveniently placed in the center, and atop of this button is the LED indicator.  On top of the headset is the charging socket which doubles as a magnetic surface for the magnetic clip. The ear bud is sized well, but if you the standard ear bud doesn’t fit you well, there are 3 other sizes you can choose from.


I love that the Hisense HB 200M headset offers a variety of personalization options to the user.  Hisense has included design features which easily makes this device a worthwhile purchase.

Ear Hook

The ear hook on the Hisense HB 200M is removable.  It can be easily removed and inserted behind the earbud.  It snaps on perfectly and the hook appears sturdy.  This mechanism offers the owner the option of either using the headset on the left ear or the right. The hook also fits well behind the ear.

Multiple Ear Buds

If you purchase this headset you’ll be glad to know that it comes with three extra ear buds with different sizes.  One of the extra earbuds is in-ear, perfect for those who need clarity in sound even when calls are made on a busy place.  The ear buds are made of soft rubber, making replacement easy to do.

Magnetic Clip Attachment

This one is a nice idea.  The inclusion of a magnetic clip offers a variety of carrying options for the Hisense HB 200M headset.  The top of the mini headset is magnetic so it easily attaches to the magnetic clip, which can then clipped on stuff.  However, if you are the athletic or careless type, I discourage the use of the magnetic clip too much.  Although the headset attaches to the clip just fine, it easily detaches.  So if something hits the headset while hooked to the magnetic clip, I am most certain that it will be detached.


The necklace is a nice addition.  The magnetic clip, which attaches to the headset via magnetic surface, can be attached to the necklace included in the box.  This is one of the selling features of the Hisense HB 200M headset as it can now double as a fashion accessory.


Use and Performance

The Hisense HB 200M headset connects via Bluetooth.  So before you decide to buy this headset, make sure your phone has Bluetooth connection.  This headset can be charged via AC power or USB.  Quite convenient if you want to charge the device and you don’t have the AC charger with you.

Connecting the headset to the phone is easy.  You pair the phone and the Bluetooth through easy and simple steps. On the headset, you just have to press until the light indicator blinks red and blue which tells you it’s ready to be paired.  On your phone, you then turn on Bluetooth and search for the Hisense among the available devices.  You just connect and enter the pass key.

I tried using the Hisense HB 200M headset in making and receiving calls.  True to what the product packaging claims, the sound on this headset is clean and clear.  I can hear more clearly on this headset than on my phone’s earpiece.  And if you will use the in-ear bud, the clarity improves a lot.  It also picks up my voice clearly considering the distance from ear to mouth.  I tried using the device about 10 meters away from the phone and it still picked up the signal.

The multi-function button, as the name implies, does a lot of functions.  It can be used to answer and end calls, reject calls, voice dial, last number redial, do call waiting and put a call on hold.  Some of these features of course depend on the handset it’s paired with.  What it cannot do, however, is adjust the volume.  This feature was removed from the device to make it small and light.

If you are using two phones, the Hisense HB 200M can be used on both.  This headset can support two phones simultaneously.  It’s therefore very convenient to use since you don’t have to carry two headsets.  I tried to connect two iPhones to the headset and it worked perfectly on both phones. If you do this, however, the voice dialling function will only work on the last paired device.  The rest of the functions will be available on both.


The Hisense HB200M is a fantastic wireless Bluetooth headset.  It offers a variety of personalization options and includes features that I find very useful.  I like the inclusion of multiple ear buds, the removable flexible ear hook, and even the magnetic clip and necklace.  Performance wise, the Hisense Mini HB200M delivered – sound is clear and clean, it operates from a long range, and it picks up sound clearly.  Blending excellent design and performance, this particular Hisense headset is something I would personally recommend to those in the hunt for a wireless headset.

If there’s one thing I don’t like with this headset, it’s the fact that the magnetic clip doesn’t hold the headset tight.  If you will use the magnetic clip to carry the headset, be careful or you might easily lose the headset.

The Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB200M is priced at P1,950 (about US$46).  In the Philippines, it’s available at the following stores

  • Digital Hub
  • DigitalWalker
  • Beyond the Box
  • Adi Gadget World – Parksquare 1
  • 5th Avenue Shangri-La Mall
  • ComCentre – Sta. Lucia
  • Power TelecomShop – SM North Edsa Annex
  • Techno Mobile Hub – SM Marikina
  • NewVenice– Parksquare 1
  • TopNet – SM Megamall
  • Sir Lance – Festival Mall
  • Oxvor – Starmall Alabang
  • Cell Power Sales
  • Unitech
  • Jerry Solutions
  • MobileTerritory
  • Bluelite
  • Round Circle – Festival Mall
  • Star Circle –Starmall Alabang
  • Celvitek
  • First Choice Cellshope
  • Mobile Experts – Parksquare 1
  • Owtel – Starmall Edsa Shaw
  • CyberWidgets – SM Masinag
  • BSD – Mall ofAsia
  • Techno Kid – SM San Lazaro
  • TechTel – Robinson’s Ermita
  • Bionic HD

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  1. What I love here in Hisense Mono Headset Mini HB 200M is that it assures safety when you are driving. You can continue receiving and making calls or listening to music without touching your phone. Through its bluetooth technology, it can make an access with your phone in a cordless way.

  2. Princealexrics Reply

    just purchaed this today, what i dont like about it is unlike sa nokia na bluetooth headset, you cant play music here. its is only made for calls talaga. but all in all ok naman sya… mukang cheap nga lng yung necklace pero maganda na.

    • I’d recommend checking out the Plantronics Savor M1100 if you want to stream music to a mono headset. it includes some basic voice features and a battery meter on the iPhone screen. 

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