Globe Telecom’s m.Globe Portal Launched

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On the same day Smart Communications launched the Netphone 701, Globe decided to launch the m.Globe service which is something it claims is a “free all-in-one mobile portal”.   Globe is marketing the m.Globe as a “one-stop gateway to easy and content-rich mobile surfing in every phone”.

As an obvious jab at Smart’s Netphone, Globe uses this tagline:

With m.globe, no need to spend for a new internet phone.

So what does the service offer? Globe listed these features of m.Globe:

  • Load checking while surfing
  • Access to Facebook and Twitter
  • Sending and receiving of emails
  • Free news feeds from top sites, plus exclusive content
  • Direct searching via Google
  • Watching live UAAP games on mobile
  • Movie previews, skeds and reviews
  • Free music download

The service is now available to all Globe subscribers, postpaid or prepaid.  Here are the steps you need to do before you can use the m.Globe portal.

  • Text M.GOBE to 2910 or go straight to  
  • You will be asked to enter your mobile phone number in order to personalize the m.Globe portal.
  • You will then receive a confirmation link from Globe which you need to click or enter in your browser.
  • You will be brought to the login page for Facebook and Twitter.  There are no other way to access the portal right now.  You can only login via Facebook and Twitter.  

Accessing services on m.Globe is free if you use the myGlobe Connect access point.

What’s good about the m.Globe portal is it works on all phones that have internet capability. It can be accessed through WAP, which means that you don’t need a smartphone to use the portal.   Android users can get a widget for the m.Globe portal but only Android 2.1 versions and higher are supported. It’s free to access the m.Globe portal via the Android app but using Facebook and Twitter or accessing websites are charged.

Now the question here is whether the m.Globe portal is a real answer to the SmartNet service that will soon be enjoyed on the Netphone.  On it’s face, it appears that m.Globe does not match SmartNet in terms of features.  While m.Globe is just a web portal for a collection of services, SmartNet tries to build an ecosystem that integrates social networking, instant messaging and a host of other features.  I will try to post a more detailed comparison between SmartNet/Netphone and m.Globe. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


  1. Carla072078 Reply

    I’m a globe user but when smart launches their netphone, I cant resist to have one for me. Android phone in a very affordable price. I’m loving it and enjoying every minute of using my netphone

  2. i dont get it. i can access the link but there’s no registration via my number and no confirmation messages either.

    • that’s weird. when you’re on the link that’t the portal but if you click on the services you’ll be asked your number. then you’ll receive a text with the confirmation link.  accessing the link will then bring you to the login page.

      • and also when you click on the link for Facebook and Twitter the browser didn’t load the page. I don’t know why because i tried all of my browsers on my HTC Desire but they don’t work still. But when I loaded 30 pesos, they respond but very very slow. Also when i used the widget and verify my number, no message was sent to me to provide the code or whatever that is. It sucks really!

        • Thanks for the feedback.  I have been hearing complaints on the speed. And some can’t seem to get in. Be warned that you’ll be charged the normal rate if you access FB and Twitter. It’s only free if you access via myGlobe Connect 

  3. Oh, I hate Globe! The connection download speed of my Tattoo USB stick 3G has gone down to 9KB/s and it seems it’s getting to be permanent.

    I experienced it 3 days ago and the CSRs said there is no problem in my area, meaning, this will be the norm!  Before that, I could get 45-100KB/s. I bet the free Facebook access to the masses is what causing this.

    Good thing, I got the stick unlocked! Smart is fast and has saved my surfing life!

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