iPhone 5 to be Launched in a Couple of Weeks?

It appears that we’re very close to the release of the iPhone 5 (or 4S).  Rumors about Apple’s next iPhone are all over the internet but they are just too many I no longer bother to check which ones are credible and which ones are not.  But recent rumors of an iPhone 5 launch are becoming more believable and most of them point to a very imminent launch.  If recent rumors are to be believed, pre-sales of the iPhone 5 might be starting in a couple of weeks and release will be during the first week of October.  This has recently been revealed by some Best Buy documents in the US.

The latest news that seems confirm the release of the iPhone 5 is that Deutsche Telekom just allowed customers to reserve the next generation iPhone “in anticipation of supply bottlenecks for the device”.  The telecom said it will hand out coupons to people who expressly request the next iPhone but it will not be revealing the details.  Not even the launch date.

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