Cherry Mobile Superion Review


There are many Android tablets in the market but for the phone-enabled 7-inch tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Cherry Mobile Superion are the only main contenders. Price-wise, there is no doubt that the Superion trumps the Galaxy Tab since the Superion currently retails for P13,999 while the Galaxy Tab (without 3G) still retails for about P16,900 while the one with 3G retails for about P21,900. In terms of specs and performance, however, how does the Superion fare? Read on for my hands on review.  If you want to see my unboxing video, go here.

Cherry Mobile Superion Specifications

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Qualcomm MSM7227 600Mhz
  • 3MP Camera with Auto-focus
  • 7″WVGA Capacitive Touchscreen
  • ROM: 512 / RAM: 512MB
  • Quadband GSM / GPRS / EDGE
  • Portable WiFi Hotspot
  • Triband 3G HSDPA / UMTS
  • 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • AGPS
  • Mini USB 2.0
  • Expandable Micro SD up to 32GB

Design and Appearance

The Cherry Mobile Superion may get the label as a low-cost tablet because of how Cherry Mobile positions itself in the market, but in terms of design and appearance, the Superion can quite hold its own. Truth be told, I was expecting poor quality and construction on the Superion but when I opened the package, I was surprised to see a rather premium-looking tablet.

The Superion borrows from the iPhone 4 and Cherry Mobile cannot deny this considering the clear evidence. When placed side by side, the Superion and the iPhone 4 are like father and son. They share the black bezel, black back cover and silver side trimmings. That the Superion looks like an iPhone 4 is in reality a good thing.

I commend Cherry Mobile for the quality of the materials used. The silver trimming feels nice to the touch and it’s not the cheap painted silver that we usually see. The silver accent in fact looks expensive. On the downside, the materials could have added to the weight of the Superion. The tablet feels a little heavy when held with one hand. This can be tiresome during long periods of use. Another thing that goes against the Superion is its thickness. Compared to other tablets, and even to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Superion is thicker, but I believe not by much.


The Cherry Mobile Superion uses a 600MHz CPU, so there’s really nothing much to expect from it performance-wise, especially at a time when tablets are starting to go the dual-core route. However, the Superion runs Andorid 2.2, which doesn’t really require much from the device to perform well. Thus, the Superion is pretty decent when it comes to speed, although the UI doesn’t feel too smooth. There’s the occasional stutter but it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying apps on the Superion.

Games run well on the Superion, with popular games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja running fine on the device. I even tried some graphics-intensive games and was surprised to see the Superion render them well, at least most of the time. There are still those times when you get reminded that the Superion’s CPU is only 600MHz.

The 3 megapixel camera takes decent photos and autofocus works well. Don’t expect too much though in terms of picture quality. The Galaxy Tab takes better photos in my opinion.  As to calls, the Superion receives calls well and offers clear reception.

What I don’t like with the Superion is the screen. It has decent resolution and works fine with games and apps but I hated that the Superion looks bad when viewed at an an angle. There is nothing bad if you are viewing the display at 90 degrees but try to tilt it a little and you immediately see glare and the colors get muted. When you use the Superion outdoors, this problem is enhanced.

As to battery life, a full charge lasts me a day but if you intend to use the tablet extensively, bring the charger with you at all times since the Superion’s battery gets drained easily when it’s constantly used.


It’s hard to compare the Cherry Mobile Superion to current tablets. The Superion certainly does not offer impressive specs but it does not try to compete with these tablets head on. Cherry Mobile offers the Superion as a budget tablet and the fair way to judge it, therefore, is to look at its value. For the price of P13,999, the Superion offers a lot of features and gives a decent performance.  And remember that the Superion is also a phone, so you get a tablet and and a phone for the mentioned price.

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  1. sebastien eloumou Reply

    hello please i want to unlock my sim network of my cherry mobile superion imei 359752O31284550
    im a in cameroon and i’m very trubbled by this problem

  2. i appreciate the CHERRY MOBILE coz it more cheaper than other phone.. i had my samsung galaxy and i sell it coz i enjoy using TITAN, more convenient, more fun using the WIFI so i would like to buy this SUPERION…

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