TechnoBaboy Among Those Chosen to Beta Test Smart’s Evolution 4G LTE Service

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Smart Communications has started a Closed Beta Program to test its upcoming Smart Evolution 4G LTE service.  The group includes a host of bloggers, media men, and people from other sectors and I am lucky to be chosen by Smart to be part of the exclusive group.

What makes this experience special is that I will be one of the first to try Smart’s 4G LTE service.  LTE or Long Term Evolution is a 4G standard and currently the fastest mobile broadband internet in the world.  Smart’s Evolution LTE has a maximum download speed of 42mbps.  It’s certainly faster than HSPA+ which only has a maximum speed of 21mbps and 3G internet which maxes out at 2mbps.  A speed of 42mbps will let you download an MP3 song in less than second and a movie in just about 30 seconds.

Smart Evolution was launched in Boracay a few months ago but this time, the beta testing will cover areas in Metro Manila.  The beta test will end in February 2012 with commercial roll-out probably starting shortly thereafter.

Watch out for my unboxing of the Smart Evolution 4G LTE dongle!


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