webOS Going the Open Source Route

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WebOS lives on.

HP promised to reveal its plans for webOS after its decision to stop the production of tablets and phones that run on the platform.  After a leadership shakeup landed Meg Whitman the CEO position, she promised to announce the company’s decision on the future of webOS.  That decision has now been made.  The company recently revealed that webOS will continue to live on, but it will become an open source platform.  In a letter to HP employees, Meg Whitman says that the best days for webOS are still ahead.

I believe webOS going the open source path is a good move on the part of HP.  If it cannot fully develop the OS, it’s better if the open source community to help the company do it.  This is certainly better than death for webOS.

The platform is widely considered as one of the most powerful mobile operating systems but HP was not able to capitalize on this, as shown by the performance of the Pre and TouchPad devices.  Everyone was hoping for HP to continue its support for webOS and the decision to go open source is more than welcome.

What this means is that the OS will be made available to the community and everyone can contribute to the development of the OS.   HP promises to be an active participant in its development, though. The goal here is platform expansion and improvement.

As to future webOS devices, HP only promises to explore the viability of putting webOS on devices.  This means that there are no webOS devices in the horizon yet.

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