A taxi driver refusing to board a passenger or otherwise contracting is a common site in the Philippines, or at least in Metro Manila.  Passengers get all kinds of excuses from drivers whenever they want to refuse to board passengers, and most of the time, the excuses given are not valid as far as regulations are concerned.  Reporting these taxi drivers are quite hard since you need to go to the office of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to be able to lodge a complaint.

There’s a new website called taxikick.com which tries to help commuters report abusive taxi drivers by simply visiting the site and filling in some fields, particularly the plate number, the driver’s violation and the taxi’s name.  You can also leave comments if you want but the site says this is not required.

Here’s how to make a report using Taxikick:

  • Enter the taxi’s plate number
  • Choose one of the predefined violations
  • Enter the taxi name and additional comments (not required but it will help LTFRB and MMDA)
  • Review your report and submit!
  • Taxikick will email your report to LTFRB and MMDA at the end of the day
  • You can also share your report using Twitter

The site has a simple interface and is quite easy to use.  What can make this work is the fact that it does not require any user registration and also does not require the name of the person complaining.  However, I’m wondering if the LTFRB can really do something about complaints sent through the site since the name of the complainant is not required, and as far as due process is concerned, the concerned driver has the right to face the accuser and answer the charges.



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  1. jamestrauman Reply

    WAI 589..airport taxi..charges 200.00 php/km…grabe sana mahuli ang driver nito

  2. jamestrauman Reply

    WAI 589..airport taxi..charges php/km…grabe sana mahuli ang driver nito

  3. Ma Belle Mabado Reply

    karamihan ng mga taxi drivers masasama ang ugali,. masasama ang ugali lalo na sa pagbabayad di na binabalik ang sukli tapos galit pa.. may ibang walang respeto at hindi nagsasakay ng pasahero pag walang plus kong magkano ang maisip nila.. nakakabuwisit.. minsan nakakasira ng araw ang kawalang respeto nilang pag.uugali na yan!!! nangyari sken na pinababa ako ng walang dahilan taz nagbayad agad ako at talagang sya pa yong galit na nagmumura.. ang walang hiya talaga parang demonyo kong umasta.. ang kapal ng mukha.. parang naka.drugs ung driver walang awa tlaga walang respeto sa mga kababaihan.. kaya minsan iniiwasan ko nang sumakay ng taxi para maging transportasyon..

  4. Poufsouffle de Poulard Reply

    i would like to know if any of the reported cases had actually been dealt with .. 

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