Globe IMMORTAL TXT Promo With No Expiry is Back; How to Register via *143#


Globe Telecom just announced that it is bringing back the IMMORTAL TXT promo which it first had about a couple of years ago.  The IMMORTAL promo is a prepaid call, text and surf promo without the usual expiry period and is part of the “Choose Your Promo” set of offers from Globe.

Here are the choices under the IMMORTAL promo from Globe:


• 25 texts to Globe/TM + 5 texts to other networks for only P15


• 50 texts to Globe/TM + 5 texts to other networks + 5 minutes of calls to Globe/TM for only P25

Note, however, that only 100 immortal texts or 10 immortal call minutes can be accumulated at any one time. If you register beyond the Immortal Txt or Immortal Trio limit, your registration will not be accommodated.  Also note that a P5 maintaining balance is required to use allocations from Immortal Trio or Immortal Txt.

To choose a promo and activate, a user only needs to dial *143# on his phone free of charge.

How to choose a promo on the *143# menu

1. Dial *143# on your phone then press CALL.

2. Wait for the menu to appear on your screen.

3. Select transaction and press “Reply/Response/Answer/etc.” button (this will depend on the phone model)

4. Enter the number of your chosen transaction.  To register to Choose Your Promo, press “Reply/Response/Answer/etc.” (again, this will depend on your phone model) then enter “1” for “NEW: Choose your promo.” Press “OK.”

5. Select your Choose Your Promo offer by pressing “Reply/Response/Answer/(etc., depending on your phone model)” then entering “1” for IMMORTAL TRIO, “2” for UNLI ALL TRIO, “3” for ALL NET COMBO, or “4” to select your promo based on your budget.  Press “OK”.

6. Choose validity by entering “1” for 30 days, “2” for 7 days, “3” for 3 days, and “4” for 1 day. Press “OK”.

7. Verify your choice by entering “1” to register to your chosen promo. Press “OK”.

8.  Wait for the confirmation message notifying you of your successful registration.

Here are the other unli options for Globe prepaid users and their corresponding features:


• Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM + unlimited mobile browsing
• Validity:

o 1 day for P60
o 3 days for P150
o 7 days for P350
o 30 days for P1,400


• Unlimited texts + 5 minutes of calls to all networks + 50MB of consumable mobile browsing
• Validity:

o 1 day for P30
o 3 days for P80
o 7 days for P150
o 30 days for P600


• Unlimited texts to all networks + unlimited calls to Globe/TM + unlimited mobile browsing
• 1 hour validity for only P5
• Registration to Unli Tingi is available from 7am-9am only

Users can choose their preferred validity for these promos.

According to Globe, these offers are available from February 15 to May 16, 2012. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.


  1. I asked my sister to put credit on my phone 50. I gave her missed call and now i only have 4.50 left, not even using it. Im just saving it for emergency. In just one day 50 load just gone just like that. Why you keep on deducting its so unfair. Wth

    • I just put 40 now. And sent one text on smart user npw its 32.50! What the hell!

  2. hindi naman maayos ang system nyo… kaninu ba ako pwedeng magtanung tungkol dito… naubos lang ng kanya ang load ko…

  3. imseithegreat Reply

    Yung extra balance ko naman nagagamit hindi yung immortal txt ko. -.- baaakeeet

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