Use this feature to make your phone feel faster but there’s a catch

If you’re bothered by a sluggish smartphone, there’s a hidden menu that almost every Android device has to make it faster.

Nowadays, most smartphones can handle most tasks you throw at them. However, software bloat and everyday use can lead to slowdowns. Luckily, a hidden setting can provide a quick fix – the illusion of a faster phone.

Every Android phone has a hidden menu called Developer Options (or Developer Mode in some devices) that contains advanced settings primarily aimed at app developers.

To activate it, navigate to your phone’s Settings and find “About Phone” or “About Device.” Locate “Software Information” or “Version” and tap the “Build Number” or “Version Number” repeatedly. Take note that depending on your device, this may be located somewhere else.

You’ll then be prompted for your PIN and then notified that Developer Options are now enabled.

Once activated, go back to Settings and search for “Developer Options.” Look for three specific settings: Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. Change these values to 0.5x. It will speed up animations, creating the perception of a more responsive phone.

While this trick can make your phone feel faster, be cautious when you’re in the Developer Options. Modifying something inadvertently can impact your phone’s functionality. If you’re unsure about a setting, just leave it alone. Any accidental changes can be easily reversed by simply disabling Developer Options, which resets everything to default.

We mentioned there’s a catch. And here it is. Some banking and financial apps will not work on phones with Developer Options activated. Of course, you can simply turn off Developer Options before using the apps, and then reactivate them afterward when you’re done.

This hidden feature offers an easy way to breathe new life into your phone. While it doesn’t magically boost processing power, the faster animations create the illusion of a speedier device.

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