HTC Sense 4.0 Screenshots Retrieved from HTC Endeavor RUU


Android Central was able to retrieve screenshots of what’s likely the upcoming HTC Sense 4.0.  A ROM Update Utility or RUU for the HTC Endeavor recently came out and the guys from Android Central were quick enough to pick it apart.  They were able to find a preview of Sense 4.0 which is the Ice Cream Sandwich version of HTC’s popular Android skin.

Here are the screenshots of Sense 4.0 for your viewing pleasure.

So what do I think of these screenshots?  I think that this is a confused version of Sense, if I can describe it that way.  It has dropped most of the HTC Sense’s look and feel although I can still see remnants of the current skin.  The unlock ring is of course very familiar, and so are the home screens shortcuts.  When you look at the entire UI, it doesn’t look like a progression of HTC Sense.  This is supposed to be an Ice Cream Sandwich skin but it has failed to retain traces of Ice Cream Sandwich, choosing instead to hide almost every trace of the OS.  Personally, I like ICS so HTC shouldn’t be so bent on removing traces of it every time it has the chance.

After Ice Cream Sandwich was launched months ago, there were questions as to how the different Android device manufacturers will change their respective skins to match its UI.  Ice Cream Sandwich is already a good looking OS so it appeared then that Sense, TouchWiz and other overlays will have a hard time trying to look more interesting than stock Android 4.0.

However, what we have at this point are mere screenshots of what’s rumored to be the HTC Sense 4.0.  There’s no confirmation from HTC yet that these are legit and if these represent the final version.  This means that there’s still hope that HTC Sense 4.0 will look different from these set of screenshots.  Hopefully the final version will look better.

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  1. I’ll just wait for that to be used on a custom rom for my htc desire. right now i’ll enjoy 2.3.5 with sense 3.5 from htc sensation xl.

  2. Looks like the only significant changes are the dropped rosie launcher and custom lock rings

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