Smart is offering the Cherry Mobile Superion or the ZTE V9 Android tablet for only P200 a month if you sign up for a Smart Bro SIM-only Plan 999.  The deal is for a 24-month contract so all in all, you pay P4,800 for any of the tablets being offered.  This price is still quite cheap not to mention light on the pocket considering you’ll only be forking out P200 every month.  This is of course on top of the P999 monthly service fee for the Smart Bro SIM-only Plan 999.  Under this plan, you get unlimited mobile Internet service with maximum speed of up to 2MBps.

The market for this deal are first time tablet users who are tight on their budget but nonetheless need a device with unlimited internet connection.

The Cherry Mobile Superion and ZTE V9 are both 7-inch tablets with capacitive multi-touch screens.  They feature 600MHz CPUs and run on Android 2.2 Froyo.  These could be sufficient for first time users with minimal speed requirements but for those looking for speedier tablets, you better look elsewhere.  A 600MHz CPU combined with Android 2.2 OS doesn’t offer a buttery smooth tablet performance but for simple tasks and basic apps, this set-up will do.  The Cherry Mobile Superion and ZTE V9 have WiFi and 3G connectivity options, so users can access the Android Market for downloading apps.

These tablets are also being offered by Smart on prepaid for P9,995 through its online store.


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  1. is the zte tablet still available..i want to avail for this promo/plan..

  2. Dasig_kristine Reply

    all wireless smart stores all over the country the zte tablet is not available

  3. Jp Parmentier Reply

    Where can we purchase the Tablet ?
    We are ready to buy 2 tablets cash.

  4. kung meron ng smartbro n plug it sim only, pwede yon nlng tablet i-avail n 200 monthly din?

  5. Rossana Laron Reply

    i already applied for ZTE tab since dec or early jan 2012 and still no available unit according to lipa city SMART. then now smart again post this android tab. is this true? how true? hope smart will respond. thanks

  6. in my opinion, this is not a good deal. sun is offering the zte v9 for free if you will sign up for Call and Surf plan 999. you get 3G connectivity as well and it already includes call and text unlimited to other sun cellular subscribers.  

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