I have been waiting for Temple Run to arrive on Android devices.  I have imagined playing this game on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus but up until today, it seemed impossible to mention Temple Run and Android in the same sentence.  I have played Temple Run on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and I found it very engaging and very addictive.  But since my main phone is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I was among the throngs of fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of Temple Run on Android.

Imangi, maker of Temple Run, initially promised an earlier Temple Run launch for Android but that has been moved to today, March 27.  True to its promise, the game is now available for download on the Google Play Store (previously the Android Market).  If you’re on Android, head over to Google Play and download the game.

Temple Run is a very exciting game that requires users to jump over obstacles, duck under trees and bars, turn on corners while trying to get powers and bonus points.  It’s fun and it’s definitely entertaining.  Temple Run is a free game but there are in-app purchases for more characters and more special powers.

I have downloaded Temple Run on my Galaxy Nexus and I’m am currently playing the game.  It’s the same game on the iOS, which should be a good thing really.  Graphics is good and gameplay is still the same.  Take it for a spin and tell me what you think about the game.  Here are a few screen shots of Temple Run on my Galaxy Nexus.


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  1. john lewis90 Reply

    I wonder why everyone is behind this game even I too have tried playing it for once. The graphics that they have maintained all through the game is really awesome but we can experience such effects in most of the other games too.

  2. Bhavkiratsingh Reply

    you know it will not work on galaxy y and galaxy ace . so no need to download it they will give us the link of temple run.. and if you are addicted to the game please download it from

  3. Bhandariheart Reply

    why my Samsung glaxy y didn’t support temple run …..why? why I didn’t get 2.1 version….wa could get it soon?

  4. Rita Dawson Reply

    That’s a very good news that Temple Run is available for Android devices now. I have to check it out the Google Play store and download it immediately. I have been waiting for this. Anyways, thanks for this great share.

  5. oh i have samsung mini but the game temple run is not free and i cant download the game

  6. The way this game works is really very clever… The graphics look really good, and it’s just very hard to accept defeat!

  7. random person Reply

    for everyone saying the game is not compatible with your phone, go to and search templerun.apk and find it and click on it. you may have to create an account. if so then make the free account.

  8. i just wanna play it on my samsung galaxy ace,
    but i can’t find it in the playstore..

  9. Nataleya Brent Reply

    i have a samsung admire but when i try to download in google play i cant find it please help me i have fallen for this game

    • if u cant find it means ur phone cant support it.. im using galaxy y and i cant find it too

  10. i have a samsung admire from metro pcs and its a android but only problem is that i cant find in the google play store and when i tryed to download online it says my device incompatible PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joost Buzing Reply

      i want it too but temple run doen’t stands in the google play store T.T

  11. buti nga kayo nakita nio sa google play. ako nde nag-aappear sa google play ang temple run using my glory blaze 918. sucks bigtime.

  12. A new update was released that lets you share your score points in social networking

  13. Meannemarcos Reply

    it is compatible with my galaxy ace huhuhu i cant download it

  14. not compatibel with android version 4.0.3 sad sad sad. me and my friends are a big fan but when we upgraded our xperia arc s we can’t play anymore. having issues with swipe control and other touch controls only with the game. help

  15. not compatibel witj android version 4.0.sad sad sad. me and my friends are a big fan but when we upgraded our xperia arc s we cant play anymore. having issues with swipe control and other touch controls only with the game. help

  16. IS it compatible with my phone? (Alcatel Blaze glory 918n). Oh, and thanks in advance :D

  17. Gabriel_a_98 Reply

    if you please tell me how can i download temple run for samsung galaxy gio gt-s5660 
    and my version is (android v.2.3.3) ??? pls tell me direct and my phone number is 71853455

  18. Rachala Saiteja9 Reply

    is temple run game available for android v.2.3.4??? pls telll me..!!!!

  19. sorry to say samsung and LG phones SUCKS! Coz its fuckin korean made. thats why it doesn’t work, i had switch to htc one v and it works and good sound on call.

  20. it says works with android 2.1 and higher…I have a samsung Admire which is 2.3  and should be compatible with temple run but it says it’s incompatible..ugh why?

  21. how do u get it for SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i need it, as its addictive. how do u get it on the samsung galaxy ace.

  22. İt is not complete with my galaxy ace what can i do pls help me

  23. Man TEMPLE RUN Sucks because Imangi Studios Would Let us download to our SAMSUNG Galaxy Y

  24. it works with samsung galaxy ace. i just tried it. a little bit laggy, but cool. :)))

    • Yashash_shroff Reply

      Can u send the download link.

      the google play store link i have says that my device(galaxy ace) is not compatible with this version.

    • how do you download TR on the galaxy ace as i cant find it on google play store, plzzzz helpppp!!!

  25. awtzzz.. is it true that TR is not compatible w/ Galaxy Ace?? aampppfff!!! i’ve been waiting for so long.. tsk!!

  26. John Nunziati Reply

    its compatible with Droid Incredible 1 but even so its bad. Laggy, slow response time, doesn’t look good. Such a disappointment.

  27. Junel JeanFrancois Reply

    my samsung sch-r720  android version 2.34 and its not compatible

  28. It doesn’t work with lg optimus s after waiting for so freaking long.That sucks.

  29. Marquis Bishop Reply

    its not compatible with my phoine either my friend has it and his phone is the droid. mine is better, i have the hawaii mercury

  30. same problem  here..temple run is not compatible to samsung galaxy ace,,,,,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it sucks

  31. asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm Reply


    • rexelicious Reply

      thanks to you bro..i try it on my galaxy work but always log..and i cant continue because the screen going bad..

  32. Amdugdale13 Reply

    I have a galaxy ace android 2.3.5 and its incompatible as well -.- not cool

  33. It says that it is incompatible with my Samsung Admire SCH-R720. Although it is a 3.2

  34. Even on single cores like Samsung Galaxy SL, the game has a noticeable lag. It’s smooth on S II as expected.

  35. Jasmeetsinghg Reply

    pls help i am unable to download temple run on my galaxy ace its says this item is not compatible with my device even though my phone is having android version 2.3 & the game requires version 2.1 or above.

    • technobaboy Reply

      looks like it’s not compatible with all Android devices. could be the hardware requirements or something

    • It’s becase Temple Run doesnt support ARmV6.(It runs on an ARmV7) It
      would be too slow to run it. Lets just wait for someone to port the

  36. Finally!!! Been waiting for this android version for ages……
    Thanks for the info……..

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