Facebook Timeline is one of the most talked about feature of the top social networking site.  To some it is a useless aesthetic upgrade that only further confuses Facebook users, but to others it is a welcome update that makes profiles more alive and more interesting.  It appears that the opinions are split down the middle and I happen to be one of those who prefer the classic Facebook look.  Then again, Timeline will be activated on every profile pretty soon so debating on the topic is rather pointless at this point.

For those who would rather see Facebook profiles in their classic versions, there’s a solution, although it is not a complete one since it only removes Timeline view for the profile owner and not for everybody else who views said profile.  The solution is called TimelineRemove which is a browser extension available to Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.  The version for Safari is apparently still not available but is definitely in the pipeline.

So how do you use TimelineRemove? You simply download the extension from here and install it on your browser.  You can also directly access the extension from your browser if you prefer that option.

Once you have TimelineRemove extension on your browser, close the browser and relaunch.  When you log in to Facebook again and view profiles, you will no longer see Timelime versions.  Even your own profile will also no longer be on Timeline.  However, like I previously mentioned, when others view your profile, they will see it on Timeline, unless they also have TimelineRemove on their browser.  If you want to see Timeline versions of Facebook profiles, just disable TimelineRemove on your browser.

Take the TimelineRemove extension for a spin and tell me what you think.  I have it on my browser and it works.  Perfectly, if I may add.



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  1. i feel bad to see my profile on timeline i hope they will understand that not all people wants to be meddled especially we are considered customers and to me my privacy is very important especially my account. they also have to consider stuff and situations and not just their own as server owners.

  2. useless.. the reason why we want to disable timeline is to let our profile be viewed the other way for others, what’s the use of changing when it actually haven’t changed at all, and it will only be you who can see the changes, its like using same-designed clothes everyday, you know they are different ones, but others view as if it was what you’re wearing yesterday.

  3. With timeline, my CPU process is high.Following your instruction reduce my computer usage.. Thanks! :)

  4. This is one of the best extension to get old facebook back. Thanks and Cheers.


  5. cash for small business Reply

    its a third party application will share the personal details then how to overcome from it 

  6. nah, this will only take effect on the PC you’re using but the other browsers can still view it as timeline.   semi-useless….

  7. Marie Zimmer Reply

    In chrome… Settings > extensions > TimelineRemove > enable… and your done!  This is how I did it and it works and I have had no security issues, so I do believe it is safe :)

  8. BroadbandBlogger Reply

    Yes is this safe, It will not block your account? I am really agreed with you all, the old themes is better and easy to read. I don’t know why they push to change it.

  9. The Way Things Work Reply

    It’s pretty disappointing why they have to force everyone to change the profile look… I thought the old one was better and easier to read….

  10. Laurence Beruin Reply

    is this safe? i mean, it does not get your account info, does it?

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