Nokia recently announced a slew of handsets belonging to the Asha Touch line.  Unlike other Asha handsets, these new phones are full touch operated and does not have physical keypad or keyboard.   This new line of Ashas could blur the line between feature phones and spartphones, the Ashas being considered still as feature phones.   As such, they are still low-priced handsets compared to smartphones.  The new handsets are the Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306 and Nokia Asha 311.

The Nokia Asha 311 is the best of the bunch as the naming suggests.  The specs of the Asha 311 are actually quite good for a feature phone. The handset sports a CPU clocked at 1GHz and 256MB of internal memory, expandable through microSD.  The phone’s display is a 3-inch capacitive screen with WQVGA resolution.  For shooters, the Asha 311 will pack a decent 3.2 megapixel back camera.  It has a host of connectivity features like Bluetooth 2.1, pentaband WCDMA, microUSB port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, accelerometer, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.  The battery is quite low capacity at only 1110mAh.

The Nokia Asha 305, on the other hand, is a dual-SIM feature phone.  It will also sport a 3-inch screen but this one is the resistive type, unlike the Asha 311 which has a capacitive screen.  The Asha 305’s screen also has WQVGA resolution, though.  The camera on the Asha 305 has a lower 2-megapixel resolution.  For connectivity options, the Asha 305 has Bluetooth 2.1, microUSB 2.0, 3.5mm audio jack, and accelerometer.  Just like the Asha 311, the internal memory on the Asha 305 is also expandable via microSD card slot and the handset is also powered by a 1110mAh battery.

The Nokia Asha 306 is almost similar to the Asha 305 in specs but it also offers WLAN and video streaming over both GPRS and WLAN.

The Nokia Asha 305 will begin shipping within the second quarter with a price tag of about €63 (Php3,500) while the Nokia Asha 306 and 311 will be available in the third quarter with a price tag of €68 (Php3,700) and €92 (Php5,000).

Watch these intro videos for the Asha 311, Asha 305 and Asha 306.




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  1. liahmika117 Reply

    Asha 306 or 311 is da best for my daughter..I want to know the exactly/actual price of these 2 nokia new fone. please send it to my email madam/sir … hirs my email
    Thank yo very much for your considerations

  2. stunning… nagmumura na phone ng nokia… maganda pa ang mga specs…. i should have that..

    • Pee Jay C De jesus Reply

      On the news, it says end of July. So most likely August

  3. Uhmmm… Does this use a Nokia native OS? Not Android or Windows?

  4. @Zy, they prolly want to tap the non touch market, I for one owns a lumia 710 and a good ole 2730 classic. 

  5. Resistive touchscreens? at this time? don’t you think nokia is rolling out phones with technology that’s a little outdated? hehe

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