Too lazy to go out of your house to buy the gadget you need?  Why not try getting it online?

The Philippines now offers online alternatives to your gadget shopping needs.  Admittedly, the Philippine online market is not yet in the same level as the United States or other first world countries in terms of maturity but I hope we” get to that level in due time.  In the meantime, there are a few online gadget stores in the Philippines that are worth checking out.

I have not tried purchasing any gadgets online, not because of any distrust I have with these stores but because I am the meticulous type, preferring to check my purchase thoroughly before I open my wallet.  In any case, some of you may find reasons to get your gadgets online, and its important to know which ones are worth checking out.

Note that I am not endorsing any of the websites in this list, and I do not ensure that these are trustworthy online stores.  So before buying your gadget from these shops, better do further research, or ask your friends who have already done transactions with these stores.  If you have any story or experience about these stores which you think you can share, be they positive or negative, do share them by hitting the comment section below.   Also, if there is any online store you think is worth including in this list, please do inform me.

Here goes my list of online gadget stores or shops in the Philippines.  Click on each entry to go to the store’s website.

1.  eBuyStore

2.  Kimstore

3.  CMK Cellphones

4.  DB Gadgets

5.  Widget City

6.  Jeptall

7.  Lazada

8.  TechMania

9.  Awesome Gadgets

10.  eBuy Philippines 

11.  Hokkoh

12.  Simplishop

13.  Ulu

Help me make this list updated.  Maybe in the future I can make recommendations based on your comments below.

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  1. FRESHPRINCE93 Reply

    Great list. try to check For me thats the best site for online shopping when it comes to buying a product not available in the Philippines. you can purchase items from Amazon or eBay on their site.

  2. How about goodsph they also sell power banks and gaming devices. They are like kimstore something like that I think.

  3. Visit, they offer gadgets too in a low price. You can browse different kinds of gadgets in theirsite.

  4. An interesting list of online gadget shops in the Philippines. It would have been nicer if he had more insight although the comment section does help and to add up to your list, include online shopping store and YouPoundit

  5. skysavior24 Reply

    for a gadget store I still preferred to buy at Kim store or I think this two fois the most legit among all the rest for me.

  6. Can you post updated list for 2014?
    Can you post updated list for 2014?

  7. prettymariansmith Reply

    OrlyBryanDejanAvengoza yes, natry ko na bumili ng dslr ang phone sa knila.:D

  8. AileenLualhati Reply

    bumili ako sa cmk last 2012 ng xperia u masasabi ko na maganda service nila though mas mataas sila sa kimstore kasi naman sure na may manufacturer’s warranty and store warranty at the same time. sa ngayon naman tinitignan ko yung kasi sila yung may pinaka murang iPhone 6 sa Philippines.

  9. WidgetCityHubCustomer Reply

    Buy at your OWN RISK at Widget City Hub. They offer you “1 year service warranty”  but after almost 3 months of using their unit, I approach them about the warranty and they BLOCK me on their page with zero replies. Their warranty is = to NO warranty. 
    Take note:

    1. The phone wasn’t sealed.
    2, No NTC sticker-This label or seal is issued by the National Telecommunication Commission.
    3. NO Official Receipt, Invoice with TIN or any legal document to show that it is BIR Approved transaction
    4 3-Day replacement warranty(DTI Requires all establishments to offer at least 7-days for returns and refunds of goods)Please be careful with dealing with these people.

  10. Here’s a product I like that you might want to check out! You can get TripleClicks Power Bar for just $16.99 (a 43% savings!) at TripleClicks.

  11. Danielle_0830 Reply

    Any reviews and feedback for (Happy Lynn Ong)? 100% positive feedback sa sulit. Never pa kasi akong nakipag-transact sa sulit…

    Planning to buy a camera from her since it’s way cheaper.. Then I googled her name, wala masyadong feedbacks outside sulit (naghahanap kasi ako baka may blog post tungkol sa nabili nila sa kanya…)

  12. I had the worst customer service experience of my life at DBGadgets. It was so horrible.

    I asked about the 5S Gold 16gb availability for reservation the next day. Not only did the replies take hours between intervals, the person who replied was rushing and obviously just wanted to make the sale.

    We booked the order, but the next day terrible things happened.

    No stock was there during the meetup
    They were not sorry at all
    IT WAS MY FAULT THAT THERE WAS NO STOCK??? HOW COME?? To quote: “Sir kayo po kasi, dapat maaga kayo nagpareserve”
    I TRAVELED FROM CAVITE JUST TO GET THAT GADGET and no remorse whatsoever?

    I am so angry I will post this in every social media channel!!! This is downright wrong!!

  13. OrlyBryanDejanAvengoza Reply

    I need comment about sa ki store sabi ok daw sa kimstore

  14. OrlyBryanDejanAvengoza Reply

    Ok ba sa kim store tlgang bang brandnew ba. Binenta nila

  15. Online buyer Reply

    Be careful buying online, especially those sites hosted at free hosting. Daming fake sellers. I usually buy sa at ung bago site na nabilhan ko Careful. check their feedbacks and their sites.

  16. I recommend I have purchased a lot from their store already and they have not  failed my expectations. Plus pa ngaun ang mga discounts sa I love shopping at Lazada. Try it now too..

  17. they also have the Cash On Delivery option so you will be assured you will only pay when you have already received the item.

  18. They are still constructing their website but have order already in their facebook site PayCash. Trusted seller and they also offers affordable installment prices. Very convenient to buy.

  19. I purchased a Nikon DSLR 3100 in Kimstore. We did test the unit in Makati during meet up. Okay, so basic testing was done. Tested the battery, lens functionality etc. The lens does not come with a UV filter so right after we picked up the package in Colbella, we went to Camera Haus to purchase a Hoya Filter since Kimstore do not offer one. The staff placed it properly, he said that there is a hairline scratch in the side of the lens, this may not affect the quality of the image but a scratch is a scratch and I paid for that camera. Okay, so it was 2 hours ago when I purchase the camera, I called Kimstore number , I was screaming literally because the person on the other line is so rude and he even said that it is impossible that the product has minor scratch. The thing is, the place where we meet up is low lighted, I failed to see that tiny scratch. But then again, I think it is my right to ask for a replacement, since they offer 7 days replacement policy. But the rude person said that they will not replace it but at least they offer to have my product be checked but it will take 1 week before they will give me a feedback. I am really frustrated with Kimstore. Will not buy any item with them. They suck!

  20. Ewan ko kung san station sa tv ko nadinig na be careful daw pag-bili online kasi maraming fake. Sana di totoo.

  21. STYLEVEND Men's Clothing Online Reply

    I wonder too what happened to multiply. They did a lot of overhauling and layout reformatting. But they were a good site.

  22. i always buy at kimstore, di pa ako nagkakaproblema sa pagbili ko sa kanila

  23. Preet_babbu Reply

    JMB ALBAY GADGETS best price sa bicol online store ,sa fb pages

  24. i bought one at kimstore and i can say my experience with them is not good. the one they sent me was a defective one which they say is a factory defective. tapos ng ito na ay aking papalitan, they are willing to exchange it but with the condition that it is the last replacement and if ever the unit is defective again they will not gonna change it anymore. later i read in their site the same complaint as me na ang mga defective na din yun na mga unit ang binebenta nila sa kanilang promo. and if ever na maka lusot sila or di mapansin ng customer ay ipapaayos at ipapadala nila sa manufacturer and if there is any charges ikaw ang magbabayad. not honest online dealer…

    • You’re right! And yung sa pinsan ko naman nung bumili siya ng BB may gasgas yung sa upper part then nung inask niya yung kameet niya na si Eric. Normal lang daw yun and may 7 days replacement daw.. so wala siyang nagawa kasi nagmamadali yung ERic… then after 5 days tinawag niya sa Kimstore kasi nagrereboot yung phone niya.. hindi na daw pwede ireplace kasi 3days lang daaw.. ang BOBO lang

      • Jeremytan22 Reply

        Hindi naman sa nakikialam.. pero parang imposible to… kasi matagal na ako bumibili kay ms kim… kung alam mong may gasgas, bakit mo kukunin? eh may replacement period naman po? kung nagrereboot, pwede naman ayusin eh dahil 3 days replacement. i had a similar incident with my xperia p pero maayos kausap. tancha ko ikaw ang may mali.

    • I bought a note 2 din sa KimStore, di ko na check agad yung IMEI kung fake or real kasi walang net sa place kung san kami nag meet, pero nilinaw ko sa kameet ko na if incase na IMEI wont match with the phone itself, papalitan ba same day. He said yes. Itawag ko lang daw kaagad. So nung umalis na siya, 10 mins nasa MOA na ako to check the IMEI, it doesnt match. I immediately called the delivery boy, pero pinapaikot ikot niya lang asking kung san ko na check or whatever so I called yung number sa kimstore website, sabi 3 days pa daw before i replace. E ang usapan namin ng delivery boy is same day. Not a good one. tsk. Wont recommend this site.

  25. How I wish somebody could make an app or even a website that could compare prices from all these sites just like in the US.

  26. Hotie_shockz Reply

    nka purchased na ako once sa kimstore. so far, ok naman. i’m planning to buy an iphone 4s.. still confused kasi same2 prices lang ang ebuy, db, kim and widget. it says that “service warranty”.. i hohonor kaya ng powermac/apple stores kapag may something na sira? thanks

  27. Thomas Mercado Reply

    Recommending Lazada because of the free delivery and COD is selected areas.
    I also look at sightsandsoundsav and the usual crowdsourced sites Sulit, TipidPC and TipidCP.

    digitalmartians.storenvy now.  Thanks for the feature, technobaboy!

  28. Edsar Bondoc Reply

    I have purchased once sa ebuystore i must say price nila are very competitive dati widgetcity maganda mag price now hindi na 

  29. My top gadget provider right now is Widget City.
    Before it was eBuyStore; bought 3 phones, 2 cameras.
    I also bought one phone from Kimstore
    I also bought one from Dianne’s Gadget & Gizmos []

    Some items are cheaper in Widget City, while others are cheaper in eBuyStore.

    My only tip is to check out the items that you want to buy a physical stores in Cyberzones or other stores before buying online.
    If they are not available in physical stores then read at least 5 reviews of the product and several youtube videos of people handling the product.
    I read reviews from phonearena, gsmarena, engadget, gizomodo, slashgear, and several hands-on videos in youtube.
    Youtube videos is vital so that you can imagine yourself using the gadget, how big it is on a hand. (don’t focus on people destroying the product)

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