Review: Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


If you have needs for computer peripherals, trust Logitech to have just the solution for you.  And trust Logitech to make that solution inexpensive.  This review features the Logitech Wireless Combo MK220 that includes a compact keyboard and a mouse, all wireless of course.  This combo is what you need if you want less wires in your setup or if you simply need an alternative to the cramped keyboard of your laptop and its less comfortable touchpad.

The Logitech Combo MK220 is a solid keyboard and mouse offering.  It’s the ultimate mobile computing companion for those who need flexibility in their home computer setups.  This is also ideal for road warriors who need a compact wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse to lug around.

Inside the package you’ll find the wireless keyboard (K220), the wireless mouse (M150) the USB receiver, two triple-A batteries, two double-A batteries and user documentation.

The Wireless Keyboard

Let’s start with the keyboard.  It’s a full keyboard with full-sized keys, which is a good thing since it’s just like using a wired keyboard without any major compromise.  To make the keyboard compact, Logitech removed the extra spaces so the lower keys and the upper keys go all the way to the edges.  That means that the keyboard is practically all keys.  The only space that can be seen is on the area on the left side where the triple-A batteries go.

Logitech was wise enough to include a full-sized numerical pad, so if you are one who uses the num-pad a lot, this is a definite plus.   To achieve a compact design, the function keys at the top row have been made smaller, but not too small to be really inaccessible.  The up and down keys on the D-pad are also smaller than normal.  Overall, Logitech did a good job creating a compact keyboard with full features and full-sized keys.  The design is not bad either.  It’s modern and it will actually look good on any current setup.


Performance-wise, I only have praises for the wireless keyboard included in the Logitech Wireless Combo MK22.  The keys are well-placed and well-positioned, making typing seem natural.  It also helps that the main keys are full-sized so your fingers always hit the right keys.  Tactile feedback on the keyboard is excellent and the keys are soft.  If you hate keyboards that are too noisy, you will love how silent the wireless keyboard is.  The low-profile of the keyboard and the riser at the bottom also helps improve posture.  All said, the wireless keyboard on the Logitech Wireless Combo MK22 is almost perfect.  It is a very good replacement to your laptop’s keyboard, an easy solution to cramped and uncomfortable typing.

The wireless keyboard and mouse connect to your computer or laptop through a Logitech Advanced 2.4GHz wireless connectivity.  Setting it up is quite easy since there’s no software to install..  You just need to plug the USB receiver and as long as the batteries are already on the keyboard and the mouse, you’re god to go.    The wireless connection is good for up to 10 meters so you can carry your mouse and keyboard around your house or your office for that matter without losing connection.

The Wireless Mouse

The wireless optical mouse is pretty simple, design-wise, with a finish that’s a bit coarse.  The mouse’s shape is ergonomic and feels natural to the hand.  It has just the right height and profile so it is ideal for long use.  The mouse is designed to work with both right-hand and left-hand users with its uniform dimensions. The areas for the right and left fingers are contoured and in the middle is a scroll wheel that’s a standard feature in current models.


In actual use, the wireless mouse works really well.  It has extremely smooth cursor control and it doesn’t feel like it’s wireless.  There are no delays, no connection errors.  This could be the work of the 2.4GHz USB receiver.  Just like the wireless keyboard, the mouse works for up to 10 meters without any loss in effectiveness.  All said, the wireless mouse in the Logitech MK220 combo is not fancy looking but it has everything one needs from a wireless mouse.

What’s good about the Logitech Wireless Combo MK220 is it has an impressive battery life.  The two triple-A batteries on the keyboard should last for 24 months while the two double-A batteries on the mouse is estimated to last for 5 months.

The Logitech Wireless Combo MK220 is now available in the Philippines for a suggested retail price of P1,150.

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  1. Hi, is it possible to make the device work without the USB receiver? if my laptop has bluetooth?

  2. I have had this combo setup since 2015, and currently using it (30 Sep 2019) in my office for work primarily. I have not replaced the battery since 2015 and not encountered any problems at all. Somehow hoping logitech has some kind of a nuclear fusion technology embedded in this particular unit of mine so that it will operate longer than my automatic watch.

  3. It is very good device indeed.  But I don’t know how to type Rupee sign which is included in No 4/$ key!

  4. Sometimes the mouse acts up, it stutters from time to time.  At worst it would freeze for a few seconds.
    My remedy is to remove the battery. and press all the bottoms for a few seconds to reset the device.

  5. Hi , but how to switch off the mouse? because if it on 24 hrs it will suck my battery

    • Keyboard and mouse turn to battery saving mode after some minutes you do not need to turn it off.

      I have been using this peripherial for almost one year and no need to replace batteries yet.

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