Apple Redesigns the iPod Nano, Packs 2.5-inch Screen, FM Radio and Bluetooth

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The iPod Nano is probably the most inconsistent product from Apple, design-wise.  The Nano has seen varying designs since the first iteration was launched years ago.   The first to fifth generation Nanos had a scroll wheel and a small display.  The sixth generation Nano, on the other hand, had a square design with all-touch gestures.  Apple decided it should try another design for the seventh generation Nano.

The new Nano has a 2.5-inch touch display and a home button at the bottom, giving it the look and feel of a small iPhone.   The new Nano is said to be the thinnest Nano yet at just 5mm.  There are physical playback controls along the side of the device.  This is a departure from the all-touch operation of the previous Nano.  There’s also an FM radio tuner and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless listening with Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speakers and cars.

The new iPod Nano will come with the new Lightning connector and the new Apple EarPods. The new Nano also has built-in fitness features like a pedometer and support for Nike+.   Apple promises 30 hours of playback which is quite good.

The iPod Nano will be available in October in pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver and slate.  It has a suggested retail price of $149 for a 16GB model.

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