Samsung: It Doesn’t Take a Genius, Galaxy S III is Better Than iPhone 5


Samsung has an advertisement in the US that takes a stab at the just launched iPhone 5 handset from Apple.  The message is plain and simple – the Samsung Galaxy S III is better than the iPhone 5.  Hence, despite Apple’s claim that the iPhone 5 is the next big thing, Samsung says “the next best thing is already here”.  It is of course talking about the Galaxy S III.

From my specs comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III, it appears that Samsung’s phone is indeed better overall in terms of specs.  It has NFC, a microSD slot for storage expansion, a bigger 4.8-inch screen, a bigger 2GB RAM and longer battery life.

The Samsung ad uses the line “It Doesn’t Take a Genius” which is obviously directed at Apple’s store experts called Apple Geniuses.  Samsung somehow makes fun of the fact that the iPhone 5 uses a proprietary Lightning dock connector, pointing out in the process that the Galaxy S III uses a standard micro USB slot.  This indeed is an advantage as micro USB cables are very common these days.

Samsung however lists advantages that are mere software features and conveniently left our other features on the iPhone 5 like better camera or the fact that it has access to more apps.

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  1. Carlos Ouro Reply

    To be fair most features described in the Samsung ad are software and the Software features of iOS6 are all hidden in a single “iOS 6.0 OS” tag…

    Also there is no processing and graphic speed comparison…

    iPhone lacking NFC or micro USB is a shame but the screen of the SIII is way too big and most people I’ve known hate how it feels in your hand.I guess what I mean is this is just marketing – a real comparison could output a totally different result.

    • Dude seriously your arguments are “but the screen of the SIII is way too big ” and “most people I’ve known hate how it feels in your hand” you are such an idiot

      • Ian Troy Alvaran Reply

        You are too rude. Not everyone can appreciate the big screen. Sure you like the big screen but that doesn’t give you the right to say “you’re an idiot” to those who don’t. We have our own preferences. Please respect them. 

    • Ian Troy Alvaran Reply

      That’s the US version. Sa kanila 2GB RAM lang binigay sa kanila pero dual core lang processor nila para ma-incorporate ang LTE kasi hindi pa nakakagawa ang Samsung ng LTE compatible Exynos. 1GB lang binigay sa International 3G quads para hindi siya maging masyadong malakas kumpera sa US version.

      Nagrelease na ang version ng S3 na LTE quad at 2GB sa S.Korea at Australia. Hindi na yata dadating yan sa Pilipinas pero lalabas ang GNote 2 na may quad Exynos 1.6GHz + 4G LTE + 2GB RAM + Jelly Bean.

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