iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III Drop Test


A drop test is one of the things I don’t like when new gadgets come out. Not because they don’t serve any purpose but because the device is usually expensive so it makes me cringe when I see them being dropped and damaged on purpose.

The iPhone 5 is the newest smartphone in the market and it was only a matter of time before anyone did a drop test.  This time, the drop test pits the best of the iOS world and the Android world. The iPhone 5 is without a doubt the best the iOS platform has to offer.  As to the Android platform, the Samsung Galaxy S III gets the vote from most sources as the best Android phone right now.

The drop test was done by Android Authority.  Like any other drop tests out there, it is not scientific.  The phones are dropped at different angles and the surface is not consistent. It also doesn’t take into account the weights of the phones or the materials used.  In any case, the drop test tries to achieve a practical test, dropping the phones at heights where people usually hold or keep a phone.  Here is the video of the drop test.


 The iPhone 4 and 4S fared poorly in drop tests.  The iPhone 5 is surprisingly a different story.  The iPhone 4 and 4S had glass material on the back which added weight to the phone and which naturally shattered easily.  The iPhone 5 uses a brushed aluminum backing which possibly explains the impressive durability of the phone as shown in the drop test.  The fact that the phone is also now lighter could explain the less damage it got when dropped.

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  1. u dont buy a phone just to drop it. so i think this vid isnt helpful on what phone to choose among those two.

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