Bad Piggies Now Ready for Download on iOS and Android Devices

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Rovio’s newest game called Bad Piggies is now ready for download on iOS and Android devices.  If you think the pigs in the game look familiar, it’s because they are the same pigs you see in Angry Birds.

Bad Piggies is a new game, but it’s sort of a spin-off of Angry Birds.  The game is about the poor pigs that have been the target in Angry Birds, but the storyline is not connected. Bad Piggies looks like it’s about the pigs just having a good time.  Players can make the pigs fly, crawl, roll, spinning and crashing with the goal of getting them safely to the eggs.

The game does not have the same gameplay of Angry Birds, which means it does not involve slinging something with the goal of hitting some other thing.  Bad Piggies is harder as it involves strategy.  There are vehicles and contraptions to be used with different purposes and effects.  So you need to know which stuff to use when you want to achieve a particular effect.  There are 33 objects to choose from in order to build the right vehicle.  You can choose from motors, wings, fans, bottle rockets, umbrellas, balloons, and others.

The goal is to reach the end of the level using these contraptions and stealing eggs along the way.  Rovio says the game has more than 60 levels, with free updates coming up.  If you get three starts on each level, you open up 30 more puzzles.  The game consists of two zones consisting of 45 levels each.  There are also 4 unlockable sandbox modes.


There are two versions of Bad Piggies.  One is simply called Bad Piggies and the other is called Bad Piggies HD.  The latter is a tablet-optimized version.  The game is free to download on Android devices and costs $0.99 on iOS devices.  Here are the download links.

Google Play

Bad Piggies | Bad Piggies HD


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  1. downloaded it. it’s different from angry birds. good but not as great as angry birds 

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