Vine App Lets You Share 6-Second Videos on Twitter

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Twitter started with text, then with photos.  Now the micro-blogging site lets users share short videos.  This is an expected development since smartphones and tablets now have powerful cameras that are able to take high-quality videos.  Twitter is possibly expecting that video sharing will become as popular as photo sharing, expecting a video sharing app to achieve for videos what Instagram achieved for photos.  The video sharing feature on Twitter is through the app Vine which is currently only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Android support is said to be coming in the very near future.


Through the Vine app, Twitter users can shoot videos but only up to 6 seconds.  It’s like the 140-letters limitation on text tweets.   The video posts are too short but Vine says they should be shortened versions of larger moments and that the brevity of the videos is what makes them special.  To a certain extent this is true but this could be also meant to preempt complaints about the very limited duration of the videos users can make.  I cannot imagine making something worthwhile that lasts just 6 seconds.  Nonetheless, this update is still good and who knows, the limitation might be updated to something longer in the future.

Vine has been acquired by Twitter, so the feature should now be treated as a core feature of Twitter, not just something being offered by a third-party app maker.  To use Vine, you don’t need to have a Twitter account.  You can use it as a standalone app.

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