World War Z Review: Contrary to What Critics Say, It’s a Good Movie

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Brad Pitt’s newest movie World War Z has got critics torn.  There is no clear opinion as to whether or not the movie is good or bad but when I watched the movie, I found it highly entertaining.  Which means, I guess, that for me the movie is good.

World War Z is based on a book of the same title written by one Max Brooks, which, thankfully I have never read before seeing the movie.  The problem with reading the books upon which movies are based before the movie is shown is that the movie ends up short and disappointing most of the time.  I don’t know how the World War Z book story goes or how it’s written but it appears that the movie’s approach is quite different from the book’s.  Some even say that the only thing similar between the movie and the book is the title.


World War Z: The Plot

World War Z is a zombie movie and the title says it all.  The general plot involves a virus of some sort that infected people all over the world and Brad Pitt’s character Gerry Lane races against the threat of a complete spread of the virus.  He acts as the world’s savior and whether or not he manages to save the world in the end is for you to find out.  He has worked for the United Nations as an investigator and was called back in order to help solve the mystery of the “zombie” virus.  Against the threat of losing his family, he agrees to help.


World War Z:  The Short Review

world-war-z-poster-2013The zombies in World War Z are scarier than any zombie you’ve ever seen in any movie or TV show.  They are scarier not so much because of their looks but because they are angrier and much stronger.  If you’re used to zombies being slow, you’ll be surprised at how fast the zombies in World war Z are.  They run and they are almost always in bunches.  I could say that World War Z is Walking Dead on steroids.

Needless to say, the movie is peppered with thrilling scenes and chases.  It successfully pulls the audience in and hooks them from start to finish.  There are impressive set pieces that make the movie such a joy to watch.

If you’re the type who looks into every movie’s plot, you’ll find the story of World War Z not as compelling as you might have hoped.  Brad Pitt’s character has no real depth to it, or at least the movie failed to develop it well.  But if you’re the type who watches movies just to be entertained, World War Z is a must see movie.

Verdict:  Watch it.

Here’s the movie trailer for World War Z.

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  1. it’s a good movie. critics are torn because they have different expectations. it’s a zombie movie. we know what it is  going in so dont expect to have your mind blown

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