Anderson Silva Gets Knocked Out by Weidman, Topic Trends on Twitter

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UFC 162’s main event was between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman.  It was a hot matchup from the time it was announced since the two fighters are regarded as among the best MMA fighters in the world.  Weidman had a 10-fight win streak while Silva successfully defended his Middleweight Championship title 10 times.


The fight lasted for two rounds and in both rounds, Weidman had the significant moments.  In the first he executed a takedown, albeit it was defended by Silva in the end.  The second round saw Silva being his cocky self, egging Weidman to fight him and take the offense.  Most of the time Silva eluded the strikes and punches but in the end, Silva failed to dodge a left which grazed him on the chin.  It appeared to be a weak shot but Silva was obviously hurt as he fell down.  Weidman then pounded Silva hard as the referee stopped the fight.

Silva was obviously shocked at what happened but a lot of people were.  He was widely regarded as the best MMA fighter and his reign ended unceremoniously.  In the end it was his cockiness that got him.

On Twitter, Silva’s knockout was a hot topic.  In the Philippines the topics “Silva”, “UFC162” and “Weidman” trended.  On the worldwide list the topics that trended were “AndersonSilva”, “Chris Weidman” and “Dana White”.

silva-weidman-twitter-trend silva-weidman-twitter

Here’s the video of the knockout, in case you want to see how the fight ended.

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