PLDT recently launched the Home Fibr service, something that combines high speed internet and high definition TV subscription.  PLDT Home Fibr uses fiber-optic lines, guaranteeing a fast and stable internet connection.  It’s the first ever service of its kind in the Philippines. Fiber optic lines are able to deliver faster speeds compared to DSL, allowing anywhere from 12Mbps to 100 Mbps of speed.  When used for cable TV, fiber optic lines also deliver better since ordinary cable is shared with the same cable lines used for DSL.  PLDT HOME Fibr can handle seamless and simultaneous streaming of voice, video, and data.


PLDT Home Fibr also now comes with Cignal Digital TV that lets subscribers enjoy high definition TV at home using the dedicated Fibr connection. Subscibers will additionally have access to movies on Clickplay.

All Fibr plans are powered by the new Fibr modem which is actually a wireless router and modem in one. Fibr plans start at P3500 in speeds up to 8Mbps and the Cignal Digital TV service comes free at higher plans, specifically, Plan 5800, Plan 8800 and Plan 20000.  The speeds for these higher plans are 20Mbps, 50Mbps and 20Mbps, respectively.

If you get a Fibr subscription, you get the following:

  • Fibr Voice Line
  • Free Modem
  • Waived Installation Fee
  • Waived Service activation fee
  • Free PLDT to PLDT NDD (1 year)
  • Option to avail of IDDSL
  • FREE WiFi Zone Username and Password
  • Free Telpad Unit
  • Free Telpad monthly service fee for Plans 5800 & up

Users on Fibr can opt for the triple play package which includes broadband, landline, and Cignal Digital TV.  Digital channels on Cignal Digital TV are about 78 and 19 of these are in high definition such as Colours HD, Food Network HD, Fashion TV HD, Star World HD, HBO HD, NBA Premium HD, Nat Geo HD and Cartoon Network HD.

Fibr is now available in about 600 subdivisions according to PLDT.  Some of these are Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village, Ayala Alabang, Greenhills, Velle Verde, White Plains, and Greenmeadows in Metro Manila, Cebu Royale Estate and Beverly Hills in Cebu, and Don Lorenzo in Davao.

Is Fibr for you? If you need ultra fast internet and HD TV subscription, this is the service for you, that is, if your budget is boundless.  PLDT Home Fibr is expensive for the ordinary Filipino and right now, only those who belong to the upper class can afford it.  The technology could get cheaper in the future but for now, it’s for businesses and for posh homes.  If you use internet primarily on your mobile device, you may be better off getting an LTE subscription for now.  It provides fast internet and is substantially cheaper compared to a Fibr subscription.

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  1. My pldt home fiber po kame then possible ba na malagyan un ng TV cable connection. How po??

  2. RhamseyLeccionesMalalis Reply

    @kilay50 ElpidioNuvalJr can i have ur number po? im planning to get fibr.. and the agent is asking me some pldt fibr existing tel no.

  3. ” The technology could get cheaper in the future but for now, it’s for businesses and for posh homes” – this is for businesses din po? Is the pricing the same for businesses? And what are the specific areas where this is deployed? so that we can locate our second office in that area.  Thanks po.

  4. ElpidioNuvalJr  selected areas plng po sya. part of laguna, cavite meron po. dito sa amin meron po sa Santa Rosa Heights.

  5. @Noel  taga sta. rosa heights po ako nkatira. ang msasaB ko lng po tlagang mgnda/mabilis po sya.

  6. Why so expensive in the Philippines. In the UK you can get a similar , TV, landline, and 50 mps broadband for less than 1,500 p.m.

  7. is there an actual review done on the service, like consistency?
    i dont mind paying, but i want assurance of quality.

  8. ElpidioNuvalJr Reply

    is it possible to have the fibr optic lines even here in the remote areas he re at ilocos sur? i want a clarification for these if this will work intire the philippines….. if possible we urgent to subscribes for this kind of promos…… txbak

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