Samsung Releases Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Tutorial and Demo Video

You probably know by now that Samsung recently unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a companion accessory called the Galaxy Gear.  These devices feature the latest and greatest from Samsung and if you want to see what these devices can do, or how the key features operate, you’ll be happy to know that Samsung released a video specifically demonstrating how the new devices work, alone or with each other.


The Galaxy Note 3’s key accessory is the S Pen and in the video, Samsung clearly showed how it can be used to optimize the user experience.  The Galaxy Gear, on the other hand, is a smart watch that enhances the functions of the Galaxy Note 3.

Here is the tutorial or demo video for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear.  It’s quite long so you might want to get popcorn before clicking the play button.

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