iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display Priced at P18,500 in the Philippines

The iPad Mini 2 with Retina display has been launched weeks ago but it remains to be unavailable in Apple stores in the Philippines.   Thankfully, it is already available in local online stores.  The price for the most basic configuration, i.e., Wi-Fi only with 16GB storage, used to be at P20,290 but it now the same configuration can be purchased for only P18,500.  This is in line with the pricing in the U.S. and hopefully, the official pricing will be around this figure once Apple stores start selling the iPad Mini 2.


In the meantime, if you are in a rush to get the iPad Mini 2, you can buy the tablet online.  It also carries the same Apple warranty anyway.   If you’ve set your eyes on a cellular or 4G variant, the most basic configuration starts at P24,500.

For the price list of all the iPad mini 2 configurations, here is the guide:

iPad Mini Retina Wifi Only:

  • 16gb – P18,500
  • 32gb – P23,300
  • 64gb – P27,300
  • 128gb – P32,100

iPad Mini Retina Wifi + 4G

  • 16gb – P24,500
  • 32gb – P28,900
  • 64gb – P33,500
  • 128gb – P37,700

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