Globe Admits Error, Reverses P3 Million Bill

Globe Telecom recently issued a statement admitting the error in the billing statement of a certain Elmer de Guzman that amounted to P3Million.  The bill went that high on account of roaming charges that the subscriber incurred after a trip to Dubai.  The roaming rate was at P2.51 per 10kb of data and based on the usage of Mr. de Guzman, the charges would have been correct, only that he enrolled in a Bridge DataRoam Unlimited promo which entitled him to unlimited data usage in the first place.


The fact that Globe issued a statement correcting the apparent error confirms that the bill existed, and also confirms that the network commits mistakes, so it’s good if you check your charges once in a while.  Globe claims that the P3 Million bill was caused by a system glitch, admitting that Mr. de Guzman indeed enrolled in the Bridge DataRoam Unlimited promo on November 10, 2013 that should have covered his trip to Dubai.   According to Globe, “the system did not apply the correct zero rate for promos on the data usage which inadvertently caused the bill shock.”  Globe has therefore reversed the charges and promised to investigate other similar errors with respect to promo subscribers of its Bridge DataRoam Unlimited promo.

Here’s the official statement from Globe Telecom.

We wish to clarify the issue concerning the mobile phone charges of Mr. Elmer de Guzman, a postpaid subscriber of Globe Telecom.

We acknowledge that Mr. De Guzman did enroll in the Bridge DataRoam Unlimited promo last November 10, 2013. By enrolling in the promo, the subscriber would not have to pay the regular rate of P2.51 per 10 kilobyte of data.   Based on our record, the subscriber data usage was at 11,139,210KB which would amount to more than P3million inclusive of surcharges and VAT.

Unfortunately, based on our initial findings, the system did not apply the correct zero rate for promos on the data usage which inadvertently caused the bill shock.  While this is an isolated case, we are taking a proactive step to investigate if there are similar instances in areas other than the UAE where the BDU Roaming promo is being offered.

Globe has reversed the charges to reflect the correct amount in the subscriber’s billing statement.  We assure our subscribers that queries on their billing statements are welcome and clarifications will continue to be given priority by our customer service personnel.

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  1. What a F__!!! what if mr. de Guzman has a heart condition! it only shows that the glitch exist and it may also exist to other kind of billing as well.. if globe had this glitch, other providers have this too…

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