Pinoy Billed P3Million by Globe Telecom for Roaming Services

If you are using a post paid line, be careful with using the mobile internet service especially when you are travelling abroad.  A certain Elmer de Guzman was apparently charged P3 Million by Globe Telecom after he made a trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  Mr. De Guzman shared photos on Facebook wherein he claims that he received a bill from Globe Telecom for Php3,272,623.38.  To prove this, he posted a copy of the bill reflecting the aforementioned amount.  It turned out that the chunk of the charges was due to data roaming services.  More than Php400,000 on the other hand was charged for roaming calls.

P3 Million Globe Bill

Mr. De Guzman claims that the bill was from Globe’s data roaming charges.  He was surprised that he was still charged for data roaming since he availed of Globe’s promo labeled “Bridge DataRoam Unlimited UAE for USD 55 (5 days)”.  This claim appears to be true as the bill he posted showed that he was charged for said data roaming promo.


I believe that Globe will eventually fix this as it is surely an error on its part to charge the user for roaming services even if said user registered for a promo.  The lesson here is to turn off data roaming when travelling abroad and if you just need to turn it on, make sure what you will be charged for roaming.   And if you are erroneously billed as high as P3 Million, take time to complain.

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  1. kristoff1112 Reply

    pwedeng totoo to, kung nagamit nya yung data roaming ng isang taon, ganyan nangyari sa akin ngayon , na charge ako ng 35k.

  2. The information above is not complete. It doesn’t show when the data roaming charges were incurred. He was registered for roaming for 5 days only, 11/10 to 11/15. It’s possible the charges occurred outside of those dates. Sometimes consumers are also to blame. Although, 3M is really too much.

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