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Temple Run 2 Now Available for Download on Windows Phone Devices

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There are good things happening to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.  Sales of the Lumia range have been reportedly good and interest on the platform from developers has been increasing. This can only mean a slightly rosier picture for the future of Windows Phone

Microsoft even announced recently that there are now a total of 200,000 apps for Windows Phone.  It is still far from the number of apps available on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play for Android but it is a significant milestone.  There are still popular apps that are not available on the platform but they are starting to show up.  Very recently, the popular app that has been made available on Windows Phone is Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 on Windows Phone

The addictive and highly engaging game is far from new as it has been made available on Android and iOS months ago.  For Windows Phone users though, Temple Run 2 is still a very welcome addition to the growing app library.

Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone OS is now available to download for free on devices running Windows Phone 8 and have at least 1GB of RAM.  Check your Windows Phone device if you meet the system requirements and hit the download link below to start enjoying Temple Run 2.


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