The stylus is making a comeback after all. Apple has recently been awarded a patent for the implementation of a smart stylus for the so-called iPen. The patent, called “Stylus Orientation Detection,” would have an orientation sensor which determines the stylus’ orientation “relative to a contacting surface.” I guess this would mean that when you draw a line using the device, the resulting line image that would mimic what it would look like if you did the same thing in real life.


Some people might find it ironic that Apple thought about the stylus because the late Steve Jobs famously derided it’s use on mobile devices. But I guess even Apple can’t ignore the success Samsung and other phone/tablet manufacturers are getting because of it.

If it does come out, this could add a whole new dimension to using your iDevices. I mean, I’ve seen what people could draw up in their iPads with just their fingers or those cheap fat-tipped touch styli.

Of course it remains to be seen if these patents would lead to an actual device. Who knows, maybe they’ll just use it against other companies.

Via Ubergizmo

Source USPTO


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