Here Come the OTG USB Flash Drives

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In today’s Tech 101 Manila Bulletin supplement, they featured the Kingmax OTG USB flash drive. I know this news is a bit old, and has been making the blogging rounds for awhile, but I feel that its worth mentioning just because we are on mobile devices more than  we are on desktops.

Anyway, the Kingmax OTG USB flash drive supports On-The-Go (OTG) function and has both a Standard USB & micro USB port. The device is small and lightweight, and comes in 8/16/32 GB capacity. There was no mention of price or availability locally.

Kingmax PJ-02
Kingmax PJ-02


Kingmax PJ-01 in action

Sandisk also just released a new product called the Ultra Dual USB Drive to help easily transfer photos or files from tablet or phone to PC and back again. This device also supports OTG functionality and comes with a Standard USB & micro USB port. The unit comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB variants with a price range of $19.99 to $49.99 (if converted directly to PhP, that’s P900+ to P2,250+).

Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive
Sandisk Ultra Dual USB Drive

I, for one, welcome the arrival of the OTG USB devices. It actually makes a lot of sense because I spend a lot of time on my tablet and phone. The added convenience of a microUSB port also means I could transfer files, videos, music, etc. without the use of my OTG cable, effectively eliminating my laptop as a “middle man” between transfers.

Warning: Before you consider purchasing a OTG USB flash drives (assuming its available somewhere), make sure that your device supports OTG function first.

Source Kingmax, Sandisk

Via Manila Bulletin, Droid Life

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