Do you often forget things when leaving the house? Then this gadget might be for you. Nokia introduces Treasure Tags, a matchbox-sized accessory that helps you find your keys, your phone or whatever it is you attach it too. Just connect it to your Lumia device via NFC or Bluetooth.

According to Nokia’s blog, the first time you pair the Treasure Tag to your phone you’ll be prompted to download the app. This nifty device will then alert you with a tone, if say you leave the house without one or the other, making it easy to find the item left behind.  In addition to this, the app will help you to locate the lost item on a map, powered by HERE. You can also have up to four different Nokia Treasure Tags simultaneously connected to your phone.


Nokia Treasure Tag will work with Lumia phones that have the Lumia Black update. Third party Treasure Tag apps will also be available for Android and iOS devices.

The Nokia Treasure Tag will come in black, white, cyan and yellow. The recommended retail price is €24,90 ($29.90 or about P1,500+) and is expected to start selling in April to retailers globally.

Source Nokia Conversations



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