Two more companies have just released their own smartwatches, and both are powered by Android Wear.

The Moto 360 for Motorola and LG’s G Watch were both just announced hot on the heels of Google’s own announcement for Android Wear.

LG's G Watch
LG’s G Watch

We pretty much had an idea what the G Watch would look like. In a tweet by @evleaks, he revealed that it would have a square face design, with possibly a 1.65 inch IPS LCD display with 280×280 resolution, 512MB RAM, and 4GB of storage.

Moto 360
Moto 360

The Moto 360, on the other hand, will come in a more common round face watch design. No info on it’s specs are available at the moment.

The two smartwatches have many of the features highlighted in Google’s demo video of their new OS for wearables, meaning both will respond to voice commands via the “OK Google” hotword, and show relevant information similar to Google Now on a smartphone.

Wow. Two more smartwatches, both powered by Android Wear (as opposed to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Tizen). These are exciting times for fans of smart wearables.

So, the big question: Will these make you consider getting a smartwatch?

Source Motorola Blog | Android Central


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