Alleged Apple iPhone 6 Front Panel Image Leaked

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Is this a photo of the Apple iPhone 6 front panel? Probably. Probably not. Now that the Android flagships have been announced, we’re all waiting for what Apple has in store for us. And with news that the iPhone 6 is increasing its screen size, I guess its only natural that leak images of a bigger screen (or in this case, a front panel) comes out.

Alleged iPhone 6 screen. Image from GSM Arena.
Alleged iPhone 6 screen, beside an iPhone 5s. Image from GSM Arena.

Remember, take the image with a huge grain of salt. For all we know, this could be fake, a prototype, or made for iPhone clones. But if it isn’t, then Apple affectionados have reason to celebrate.

Source (Chinese) | Via GSMArena

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  1. Jarvis Hui Reply

    “affectionados”? and the “grain of salt” saying being overused again :3

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