Surprise! Philippines have the Slowest Internet Speed in the ASEAN

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Well, its not really a surprise. ASEAN DNA posted an infographic on their Facebook page to show us Pinoys something we already know: that we have the slowest internet in the whole Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).



To be honest, I was surprised that Laos has faster internet speed than us. Not taking away anything from our local providers, considering all they have done to connect as many people to the internet (for reasonable prices, in mobile at least), but 3.6 Mbps is a bit sad, compared to our ASEAN neighbors. Sadder still is many of us only experience speeds of up to 3.6Mbps. So most of the time, you get speeds slower than that. But whats saddest is that we, as consumers, have come to accept that this, for some of us anyway, is already a fast internet connection (minimum speed of 150 Kbps with 80% service reliability and all).

What are your thoughts on the infographic? Please share on the comments below.

Source ASEAN DNA | GMA News

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  1. Maiba Lang Reply

    i think we need a company yung tatapatan ang pldt. magtatayo at maglalatag ng sariling cable. hind tulad ng globe na nakikikabit lang (ata).

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