Manila Internet speed has improved, according to OpenSignal

According OpenSignal, Manila’s Internet speed has improved, placing it in the middle of the pack in comparison to its Southeast Asian neighbors.

From having one of the slowest Internet speeds in 2014, the Philippine capital posted a Download Speed Experience score of 11.2 Mbps. This puts us just behind Ho Chi Minh and Kuala Lumpur with 14.7 Mbps and 11.8 Mbps, respectively, and ahead of Bangkok (9.8 Mbps), Jakarta (8.2 Mbps), and Phnom Penh (6.3 Mbps).

In the larger Asia Pacific region, Seoul has a commanding lead over the rest with a Download Speed Experience score of 56.3 Mbps. To round off the top five, Singapore (39.9 Mbps) sits at number two, followed by Sydney (39.9 Mbps), Tokyo (31.4 Mbps), and Taipei (28.3 Mbps).

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In terms of mobile Video Experience, the top countries are Taipei (71.3), Singapore (70.4), Sydney (69.8) Seoul (69.3), and Tokyo (67.2). The report also showed Manila with a relatively “fair” score of 45.

The OpenSignal report covers data gathered from February 1 to May 2, 2019.

OpenSignal in the Philippines

Last March, OpenSignal released a Mobile Network Experience Report on the Philippines, showing how our country’s telcos performed.

According to the study, Manila posted improved scores with a Download Experience Speed score of 15.2 Mbps and a video experience score of 55.4.

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Smart, in particular, put up scores close to leading Southeast Asian countries in terms of Download Speed Experience and Video experience. The telco led in three metrics, namely download and upload speed experience, video experience and latency experience, while it tied with competition in 4G availability.

Smart parent company PLDT has invested around USD 5 billion to improve our country’s fixed and wireless networks. This year, the company plans to spend PHP 78.4 billion to expand coverage and increase capacity.

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Source: OpenSignal

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