Review: SlickWraps Full Body Wrap for iPad Mini

Applewerkz sent us a SlickWraps skin for iPad Mini to try out. It was a red full body wrap with a carbon fiber pattern. It’s advertized to protect your gadget from scratches, bumps and short drops.

SlickWraps (3)

I was initially hesitant because of the installation process. I usually have a hard time with screen protectors, so you could imagine my lack of confidence with a full body wrap. You can have it installed on their shop, by the way.  To make a long story short, I decided to install the skin myself.


SlickWraps’ site has a host of how-to videos to assist with the installation. To my surprise, it was fairly easy to follow.

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After a thorough wipe down of the iPad Mini, I started with one side of the back and gently worked my way to the other side, making sure that all the cut outs are aligned. Then it’s just a matter of folding the flaps over the sides.

SlickWraps (8)   SlickWraps (10)

SlickWraps (11)   SlickWraps (13)

The front was easier to install. You start with the bottom half, again making sure that the home button is aligned. Then gently work towards the top part. The skin covers the bezels. Surprisingly, there was no screen protector included in the package.

SlickWraps (14)   SlickWraps (12)

And that’s that. Not bad if I do say so myself.

SlickWraps (15) SlickWraps (16)

The SlickWraps is perfectly cut for the iPad Mini. The cut outs went around the home and power button, volume keys, and the speaker grills. The texture also makes the iPad Mini easier to grip and hold.

SlickWraps (19)   SlickWraps (1)

SlickWraps (17)   SlickWraps (18)


All in all, the SlickWraps Full Body Wrap looks good on the iPad Mini. Honestly, I never thought it would. But after the installation, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It’s not for everyone though. It’s for those who love to customize the look of their gadgets, without going for a bulky case. It also protects your device from scratches and light bumps.

If you decide to get one, I recommend having it installed upon purchase to lessen the hassle. But it’s not difficult if you try it on your own.

The SlickWraps Full Body Wrap for iPad Mini retails for P1,490 and is available through the following Applewerz branches:

  • Applewerkz SM South Mall
  • Applewerkz Alabang (Westgate Center, Alabang)
  • Applewerkz Glorietta 3
  • Applewerkz Greenhills (Theater Mall, Greenhills)
  • Applewerkz Katipunan
  • Applewerkz Marquee
  • Applewerkz Cagayan de Oro (Ayala Mall, CDO)
  • SlickWraps, SM Megamall 

About Applewerkz:

Applewerkz is an importer, supplier and distributer of premium cases, decals and accessories for smartphones and tablets. They cater to brands like Apple (iPhone, iPad, Mac PCs), Samsung (Galaxy tablet and phone lines), Sony (Xperia line), HTC, Blackberry, etc.

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