Alternative keyboard SwiftKey is now free on Google Play

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Third party keyboard SwiftKey is now free on Google Play. SwiftKey, one of the most popular keyboards on Android, uses text prediction and swiping to allow for super-fast typing. The app, which used to sell for $3.99, is now free of charge. Those who have purchased the app before will get a $4.99 pack of 10 themes for free. Additions to the update include a SwiftKey store, a number row and over 800 emoji.

Screenshot_2014-06-13-12-01-01    Screenshot_2014-06-13-10-24-51

I’ve tried the free trial app before. And it was great. And now I’m using the free full version and I still think its great.

Head on over to the Google Play and try it out. Here’s the link.

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