ABS-CBN Formally Launches PasaHero App

ABS-CBN formally launches PasaHero, a mobile application for Android and iOS that allows users to record and broadcast details of their daily commute. The app has been around since November last year, but has now just been officially announced. It was developed by ABS-CBN in partnership with DOTC, LTO, and LTFRB, and private sector partners Grab Taxi and Tripid.

Most of us who take the taxi usually just text the plate number to a loved one. The app takes it further by also posting the details of your commute to Facebook and Twitter. There is also a panic button that sends texts to predetermined set of contacts. I haven’t tried the app on the road yet. So far, I was able to create an account, and poked around the UI. I will test drive this soon. Anyway, while useful (and potentially life saving), I noticed that you would still need a data connection for it to work.

Pasahero (1)Pasahero (3)  Pasahero (2)Pasahero (4)

As stated on the description on the app’s page:

PASAHERO: A Passenger Safety App. This mobile app safeguards the user (passenger) by broadcasting trip details to social media and, through the panic button, sending emergency notifications and location to the user’s trusted circle and to relevant agencies for assistance.

Source ABS-CBN

Links Pasahero on Android; Pasahero on iTunes

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