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Nokia launches Android launcher

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Nokia has recently launched a predictive Android launcher. It is currently in limited pre-beta release and works only on a handful of phones. Like all other launchers on Google Play, the Z Launcher wants to make your life easier through quick access and a convenient interface. Basically, you can scribble a letter directly on a screen, and it predicts the app, contact, etc. and shows it on the screen. So far, Nokia has tested the app to work on Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

The launcher only has one screen, and no support for widgets. The app drawer is listed alphabetically. I tried the launcher on a Moto G and was surprised it worked. The launcher itself  was not slow, but not blazing fast. Transitions are fluid and smooth, and searches are quick.

z-launcher (3)   z-launcher (4)

z-launcher (1)   z-launcher (2)

If you have a compatible phone and would want to give it a try, go to You would need to sign in using your Google account. Instructions on how to install are there as well.

Source Android Central | Z Launcher

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