Apple Wave hoax suggests you can charge your iPhone in the microwave

There are reports floating on the web and making the rounds in social media that suggests a new feature on iOS 8 that will allow you to charge your iPhone in the microwave. And in case you’ve already updated and interested to give it a  try: Don’t. Just don’t. This is in no way true or factual. You cannot charge your brand new iPhone using the microwave.

Now that we have that out of the way,  creative tricksters over at 4chan’s message boards came up with an official looking infographic that describes the revolutionary Apple Wave – the latest feature from iOS8 that allows you to quickly charge your iPhone using the microwave.

Apple Wave is aHoax


According to the infographic, Wave works because “iOS 8 contains new drivers that interface with your device’s radio-baseband allowing it to synchronize with microwave frequencies and use them to recharge your battery.” Sounds convincing enough. Take note that putting anything metal inside your microwave is never a good idea. And putting something as expensive as an iPhone in your microwave is worse.

Now, if you are still really impressed with wireless charging and want to give it a try, you should consider getting an Android phone that supports it. Or you could wait a few years for Apple to implement it.

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