Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The internet is crying #gapgate!

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Remember that time when Samsung was having so much fun when Apple’s #bendgate was all the rage? Now, the internet is crying #gapgate! Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users have noticed that their phablets have quite an unusual feature – there is a gap between the phone’s bezel and the screen, wide enough to fit a business card.


Samsung sent a statement to Trusted Reviews stating the following:

“The reported issue does not impact the functionality or quality of the Galaxy Note 4. We assure our customers that all Galaxy Note 4 units meet our strict manufacturing and quality control standards.”

Design flaw? I think not. The Korean company went on and addressed the gap in their documentation:

A small gap appears around the outside of the device case. This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor rocking or vibration of parts may occur. Over time, friction between parts may cause this gap to expand slightly.

So there you have it. The gap is a new feature by Samsung allowing you to use the Note 4 while holding a business card or any card for that matter. Kidding aside though, I hope Samsung finds a way to fix this before its release to more regions. Fears of dust and other materials breaching the device through the gaps are legitimate concerns.

I wonder if Apple has anything to say about this.

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  1. Phil Dayupay Reply

    This issue is too magnified. The feature has been around since Note 2. Not even a tech site whined or even noticed this “wide” gap during its announcement. It goes without saying that it’s not prominent. You should watch Android Authority’s unboxing and first impressions of the Note 4.

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