Yesterday, I posted about LG’s and KitKat’s reaction to the bending iPhone 6 Plus. As expected, here come Samsung and HTC taking their turn poking fun at Apple’s #bendgate.

Samsung posted this on Twitter, showing the Galaxy Note Edge’s 5.6 inch display that curves at one side of the edge.



And followed it up with an ad showing a bent iPhone 6 Plus bowing down to the Galaxy Note 3

And finally, we have HTC with this clever tweet.

Designed to withstand the most demanding environments. Like your pockets.#HTCOneM8

— HTC USA (@HTCUSA) September 24, 2014

Like all things, this will die down. Although its mostly funny, the jabs at Apple are getting old fast. And deserving or not, we all know Apple wouldn’t care with a reported 10million units sold on their opening weekend.

But still, which one do you think has the wittiest tweet or ad?


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  1. mhymgr Vitelvit diomuganda TimChif UnboxTherapy hahahaha Sam stop killing me. you’re one of the objective ones

  2. dchif Vitelvit diomuganda TimChif UnboxTherapy Eh… I’m starting to sound like an iSheep. Don’t listen to me.

  3. dchif mhymgr diomuganda TimChif UnboxTherapy will send him my chinese concoction soon and see if he can still bend it…

  4. mhymgr Vitelvit diomuganda TimChif UnboxTherapy but the amount of force is still less than other phones

  5. Vitelvit dchif diomuganda TimChif That dude from UnboxTherapy used a certain amount of force to bend the phone…

  6. dchif diomuganda TimChif mhymgr #bendgate every phone should be designed to withstand the pocket at least:) Let’s not blame skinny jeans

  7. dchif diomuganda TimChif mhymgr #bendgate bend to the worthy :) I liked HTC’s style though…

  8. Anthony Quebec Reply

    Samsung and HTC are might be jealous of the success of Apple haha

  9. frido_zijlstra Reply

    technobaboy As did John Chen from BlackBerry live on Bloomberg.

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