Israeli company developing a battery that can be fully charged in 30 seconds


No, you still can’t charge your phone in the microwave.

Tel Aviv based StoreDot says it has developed a battery that can be fully charged in 30 seconds. Using bio-organic peptide molecules called “nanodots,” Israeli scientists came up with a battery that can quickly store a much higher charge. The working prototype is still too bulk for smartphones today, but the company believed it can shrink it by 2016.

Projected cost at the time has it at a $100 to $150 premium in addition to current costs of the phones. The batteries should last 1,500 charges, or approximately 3 years of regular use.

This sounds very promising. Imagine charging your phone in less than a minute? Honestly, I don’t care even if its 5 minutes. The project is co-funded by one of the leading Asian phone manufacturers. Hopefully, we start seeing these on smartphones by 2016.


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